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Gottlieb, Henrik / Mogensen, Jens Erik / Zettersten, Arne (Hrsg.): Symposium on Lexicography X. Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Lexicography May 4-6, 2000 at the University of Copenhagen. XVII/330 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2002.
ISBN: 3-484-39109-X

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-093319-2

The proceedings cover new perspectives in the field of lexicography, including both theoretical and practical topics, and new aspects of special and bilingual dictionaries. The volume also includes contributions dealing with corpus-based dictionaries, anglicisms, valency, collocations, equivalents, semantics, grammar, etymology, vocabulary, phonetics, euphemisms, pragmatics, and the techniques of computerized dictionary production.


English S. VII
German S. XI
Acknowledgements S. XVII
Blake, Norman:
  Towards a Dictionary of Shakespeare's Informal English S. 1
Viereck, Wolfgang:
  The Atlas Linguarum Europae and its Insights into the Cultural History of Europa S. 19
Bjørneset, Tove:
  The Dictionary Project NORDLEXIN-N S. 31
Bottomley, Jane:
  From Print to Disc: Creating the Electronic Version of the Cambridge International Dictionary of English (CIDE) S. 43
Busse, Ulrich:
  Lexicography as a Sign of the Times: A Study in Socio-Lexicography S. 49
Colleman, Timothy:
  the Contragram Verb Valency Dictionary of Dutch, French and English S. 63
DeCesaris, Janet / Alsina, Victória:
  The Representation of Figurative Senses in Learner's Dictionaries S. 77
Diensberg, Bernhard:
  Old French Loanwords of Germanic Origin Borrowed into English S. 91
Farø, Ken:
  Somatismen als Problem der dänischen und deutschen Lexikographie S. 107
Gottlieb, Henrik:
  Four Germanic Dictionaries of Anglicisms: When Definition Speak Louder than Words S. 125
Hesse, Rolf:
  Grammatische Schwierigkeiten bei der zweisprachigen Lexikographie S. 145
Holm, Lars:
  35 Questions and Answers about Editing Jesper Swedberg's Swensk Ordabok S. 155
Hudson, Jean:
  Categorizing Chaos: Text Types in CANCODE S. 163
Karpova, Olga / Manik, Svetlana:
  Public Political Vocabulary: Model of a Dictionary S. 173
Leban, Ksenija:
  Towards a Slovene-English False-Friend Dictionary S. 185
Liberman, Anatoly:
  The Length and Breadth of an Entry in an Etymological Dictionary S. 199
Martsa, Sándor:
  Homonymy vs Polysemy: Conversion in English S. 211
van der Meer, Geart:
  Metaphors: How Do Dictionaries Scramble out of this Morass of Meaning? S. 231
Nishimura, Tadamasa:
  Japanese Learners' Problems in Using English-Japanese Dictionaries S. 243
Oja, Vilja:
  Some Semantic Problems in the Translation of Colour Terms S. 253
Opitz, Kurt:
  The Dictionary of Connotations: A Viable Proposition? S. 261
Otani, Yoshiaki:
  Who Uses English-Japanese Dictionaries and When?
Their Bidirectional Working
S. 267
Persson, Gunnar:
  From 'Spinning Woman' to 'Old Maid' to What?
On the Sense Development of Spinster
S. 273
Schmiedtová, Vira / Schmiedtová, Barbara:
  The Colour Spectrum in Language: The Case of Czech
Congnitive Concepts, New Idioms and Lexical Meanings
S. 285
Sobkowiak, Włodzimierz:
  On the Phonetics of Trans- in EFL Dictionaries S. 293
Veisbergs, Andrejs:
  Euphemisms in General Monolingual Dictionaries S. 303
Watanabe, Hideki:
  A Thesaurus of Old English Revisited S. 313
Zettersten, Arne / Lauridsen, Hanne:
  From Projection to Reception – On the Process of Bilingual Dictionary Making S. 325

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