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Mogensen, Jens Eric / Hjørnager Pedersen, Viggo / Zettersten, Arne (Hrsg.): Symposium on Lexicography IX. Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Lexicography April 23-25, 1998 at the University of Copenhagen. XXI/336 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2000.
ISBN: 3-484-39103-0

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-091504-4

The proceedings cover new perspectives in the field of lexicography, including both theoretical and practical topics, and new aspects of special and bilingual dictionaries. The volume also includes contributions dealing with corpus-based dictionaries, neologisms, valency, collocations, equivalents semantics, grammar, etymology, vocabulary, homonymy, euphemisms, the history of lexicography, and the techniques of computerized dictionary production.


English S. VII
French S. XII
German S. XVII
Stein, Gabriele:
  The Otto Jespersen Memorial Lecture
John Palsgrave as Precursor of Otto Jespersen
S. 1
Zgusta, Ladislav:
  Some Developments in Lexicography, Past and Present S. 11
Veisbergs, Andrejs:
  Latvian Bilingual Lexicography – Tradition and Change S. 27
Bárcena, Elena / Read, Tim:
  The Architecture of a Cognitive-based Multilingual Comptational Dictionary S. 35
Kammerer, Matthias:
  Kritisches zu Schnelles Applizierung einer "Logischen Semantik" bei Wörterbüchern vom COBUILD-Typ S. 43
Nielsen, Jørgen Erik:
  Otto Jespersen as a Lexicographer S. 71
Duncker, Dorthe / Ruus, Hanne:
  Multi Level Text Representation in an LCB S. 77
Gouws, Rufus H.:
  Strategies in Equivalent Discrimination S. 99
Martsa, Sándor:
  On Animal Frames in English und Hungarian S. 113
van der Meer, Geart:
  Further Ways to Improve the Active Dictionay: Collocations, Non-morphological Derivations, Grammar S. 125
Schierholz, Stefan J.:
  Governed Prepositions
A Database for German, English and Portuguese Nouns
S. 143
Busse, Ulrich:
  Recent English Learners' Dictionaries and their Treatment of Political Correctness S. 165
Diensberg, Bernhard:
  Toward a Revision of the Etymologies in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED 3rd edition, in progress) S. 203
Holm, Lars:
  "The bishop who strove for completeness" – On Taboos and Taboo-breaking in Swedish Dictionaries through the Ages S. 225
Lauridsen, Hanne / Zettersten, Arne:
  The New Politiken English-Danish Dictionary: Politikens Engelsk-Dansk med betydningsforklaringer S. 253
Watanabe, Hideki:
  Quotations from Beowulf and Other Old English Poems in the Oxford English Dictionary S. 263
Gröger, Andreas:
  A Semantic Analysis of Old English Mental Verbs, Based on the Material of the Helsinki Corpus S. 271
Jordanowa, Ljubima:
  Die Zweite Wende (1996-1997) und die neuen Probleme für die Lexikographie in Bulgarien S. 287
Kimura, Makimi:
  The Naturalization Process of Japanese Loanwords as Reflected in English Dictionaries – The Four-Stage Hypothesis and Associated Problems S. 293
Persson, Gunnar:
  Vit flugsvamp or Destroying Angel
Cognitive Aspects of Names for Fungi in Some Languages
S. 305
Viklund, Maja Lindfors / Cederholm, Yvonne:
  Chasing the Dragon – Drug Related Terminology in a Multilingual Perspective S. 323

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