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Band 55:
Graustein, Gottfried / Neubert, Albrecht (Hrsg.): Trends in English text linguistics. 168 S. - Berlin: Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Zentralinstitut für Sprachwissenschaft, 1979.

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Extracts from the Preface

This volume grew out of a series of workshops that were organized at the department of Theroretical and Applied Linguistics (Sektion TAS) at the Karl-Marx-University which led to a conference on 'English Text Linguistics' that was held in Leipzig on November 22 -23, 1978.
Opening the volume are Theses originally sumbitted to conference-participants by the organzers of the workshop. The papers following were contributed not only by regular members of the workshop but by a number af attendants form other GDR universities and from abroad. They illustrate various view-points, but it is fair to say that they represent an attempt to demonstrate how a textual perspective can shed new light on the description of English.


English text linguistics – points for discussion S. 1
Graustein, Gottfried / Thiele, Wolfgang:
  An approach to the analysis of English texts S. 3
Neubert, Albrecht:
  Words and texts S. 16
Coulthard, Malcolm R. / Brazil, David V. / Johns, Tim:
  Reading intonation S. 29
Sager, Juan C.:
  A model of major text types S. 42
Zimek, Rudolf:
  Dependence of the semantics of an utterance on a text S. 52
Kövecses, Zoltán:
  Texts and the prototype theory of meaning S. 59
Tárnyiková, Jarmila:
  English modals – a textually dependent category S. 66
Hoffmann, Achim:
  On the role of noun phrases in texts S. 73
Kirsten, Hans:
  The use of the expanded form as a means of cohesion in English S. 77
Gläser, Rosemarie:
  Special requirements for understanding and producing technical texts S. 84
Gerbert, Manfred:
  The 'have'-relation in formal and colloquial English S. 91
Weise, Günther:
  A communicative functional approach to discourse analysis – based on an study of scientific texts S. 97
Thürmer, Uta:
  Communicative procedures – texts – English language teaching S. 104
Schneider, Dietmar:
  Lexical cohesion in texts of various functional styles S. 109
Thiele, Wolfgang:
  On cause-and-effect relations in English texts S. 114
Dietrich, Helga:
  Stylistic aspects of text analysis S. 122
Kupetz, Rita:
  Temporal text structure S. 128
Gommlich, Klaus:
  Phraseological units and the text S. 132
Hecker, Harald:
  Thematic positioning of elements in the text S. 138
Carls, Uwe:
  The theme-rheme patterns of texts as an indication of register S. 145
Sample texts S. 153
References S. 162

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