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Band 64:
Enninger, Werner / Raith, Joachim / Wandt, Karl-Heinz (Hrsg.): Studies on the languages and the verbal behavior of the Pennsylvania Germans II. IX/170 S. - Stuttgart: Steiner, 1989.
ISBN: 3-515-05423-5


Acknowledgements S. VII
Introduction S. 1
Costello, John R.:
  Innovations Increasing Syntactic Complexity in the Native Language of Bilingual Children from 5 to 10: The Case for Pennsylvania German S. 3
Huffines, Marion Lois:
  Convergence and Language Death: The Case of Pennsylvania German S. 17
Louden, Mark L.:
  Syntactic Variation and Change in Pennsylvania German S. 29
Dorian, Nancy:
  The Nature and Scope of Changes in the Pennsylvania German of two Multi-Generational Kin Networks: the Noun Phrase S. 41
Post, Rudolf:
  The Lexicography of Palatinate German: its Relvance for Pennsylvania German Research S. 71
Raith, Joachim / Lehmann, Uwe:
  The Pronunciation of Amish High German S. 81
Johnson-Weiner, Karen M.:
  Keeping Dutch: Linguistic Heterogeneity and the Maintenance of Pennsylvania German in two Old Order Amish Communities S. 95
Watt, Jonathan M.:
  L1 Interference in Written L2: a Comparison between the Pennsylvania German in two Old Order Amish Communities S. 103
Kloss, Heinz:
  Sociolinguistic Parallels between the Mennonite Speakers of Pennsylvania German (or Pennsylfaanisch) and of Plautdietsch S. 117
Dow, James R.:
  Chiasmus, Structural Symmetry, and Nonverbal Communicatino: toward an Understanding of the Old Order Amish Gemee S. 125
Enninger, Werner / Hostetler, John A. / Raith, Joachim / Wandt, Karl-Heinz:
  Rules of Speaking and their Mediation: The Case of the Old Order Amish (OOA) S. 137
List of Contributors S. 169


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