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Inhaltsverzeichnis Heft 41.1

Themenheft: Semantic maps
Herausgegeben von Thanasis Georgakopoulos und Stéphane Polis
Georgakopoulos, Thanasis / Polis, Stéphane:
  New avenues and challenges in semantic map research (with a case study in the semantic field of emotions)| Text
S. 1
Becker, Laura / Malchukov, Andrej:
  Semantic maps and typological hierarchies: Evidence for the Actionality Hierarchy| Text
S. 31
Croft, William:
  On two mathematical representations for &ldquio;semantic maps” Text
S. 67
François, Alexandre:
  Lexical tectonics: Mapping structural change in patterns of lexification| Text
S. 89
Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Maria:
  Semantic maps and temperature: Capturing the lexicon-grammar interface across languages Text
S. 125
Levshina, Natalia:
  Semantic maps of causation: New hybrid approaches based on corpora and grammar descriptions Text
S. 179
Nikitina, Tatiana:
  Building semantic maps for closely related languages: Words for ‘grain’ and their kin in South Mande Text
S. 207
Rakhilina, Ekaterina / Ryzhova, Daria / Badryzlova, Yulia:
  Lexical typology and semantic maps: Perspectives and challenges Text
S. 231
Vanhove, Martine:
  A diachronic semantic map of the Optative negative in Beja (North-Cushitic)| Text
S. 263

Inhaltsverzeichnis Heft 41.2

Rastelli, Stefano / Porta, Marco:
  Non-optimal processing of auxiliaries in L2 Italian: An eye-movement and acceptability judgment study Text
S. 279
Schunack, Silke / Binanzer, Anja:
  Revisiting gender-fair language and stereotypes – A comparison of word pairs, capital I forms and the asterisk Text
S. 309
Webelhuth, Gert:
  C-command constraints in German: A corpus-based investigation Text
S. 339
Grice, Martine:
  Autosegmental-metrical phonology – Unpacking the boxes Text
S. 393
Antomo, Mailin:
  Kristin Börjesson / Jörg Meibauer (Hrsg.): Pragmatikerwerb und Kinderliteratur Text
S. 413
Pheiff, Jeffrey:
  Ann-Marie Moser: Negationskongruenz in deutschen Dialekten Text
S. 417
Ruiqi, Ren:
  Marcel Schlechtweg: Memorization and the Compound-Phrase Distinction: An Investigation of Complex Constructions in German, French and English Text
S. 423
Bin, Zhang:
  Sonja Taigel: Ikonizität Text
S. 429

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