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Band 97:
Ramisch, Heinrich / Wynne, Kenneth (Hrsg.): Language in Time and Space. Studies in Honour of Wolfgang Viereck on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday. XLVIII/510 S. - Stuttgart: Steiner, 1997.
ISBN: 3-515-07041-9

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Editors' Preface S. V
Table of Contents S. VII
Tabula Gratulatoria S. XII
Wolfgang Viereck – Mensch und Wissenschaftler S. XVII
Publications by Wolfgang Viereck S. XXVII
List of Abbreviations S. XLVI
Part I: Studies Related to English
Alinei, Mario:
  Yankee: A Dutch Etymology Revisited S. 1
Bald, Wolf-Dietrich:
  If and Falls S. 6
Berns, Jan B.:
  Niederländisches im englischen Wortatlas, oder die hin- und hergeschobene Etymologie S. 24
Breivik, Leiv Egil:
  There in Space and Time S. 32
Chevillet, Francois:
  Dialectal Aspects of the English Strong Verb System S. 46
Culpeper, Jonathan / Kytö, Merja:
  Towards a Corpus of Dialogues, 1550-1750 S. 60
Dekeyser, Xavier:
  Alway(s) and Algate(s) – From Space to Time S. 74
Elmevik, Lennart:
  Did OE stede 'Place' also Have the Meaning '(Enclosed) Pasture'? S. 81
Fisiak, Jacek:
  OE hyll in the East Midlands in Early Middle English S. 86
Goebl, Hans:
  "Es kracht im Gebalk des CLAE …"
Dialektometrische Beobachtungen zu eigenartigen Polarisierungseffekten in sprachgeographischen Netzen
S. 100
Hübler, Axel:
  English Stock Market Metaphors – Worldwide S. 109
Iwamoto, Atsushi:
  The Entanglements of English Personal Pronouns S. 120
Janicki, Karol:
  On Unconventional Metaphors as a Source of Misunderstanding S. 128
Knappe, Gabriele:
  Though it is Tough: On Regional Differences in the Development and Substitution of the Middle English Voiceless Velar Fricative [x] in Syllable Coda Position S. 139
Melchers, Gunnel:
  As Smart as a Carrot: Proverbial Similes in English Dialects S. 164
Pilch, Herbert:
  Irish Influence on American English? S. 174
Rissanen, Matti:
  "Candy no Witch, Barbados": Salem Witchcraft Trials as Evidence of Early American English S. 183
Rydén, Mats:
  A Pre-Linnean Swedish Botanico-Philological Tract and an Early English Analogue S. 194
Sandred, Karl I.:
  English Analogue The Value of Onomastic Boundaries in Dialect Studies
Focus on Some Medieval Norfolk Field-Names of Scandinavian Origin
S. 205
Shorrocks, Graham:
  Field Methods and Non-standard Grammar S. 212
Sundby, Bertil:
  The Description of Compounds in Early English Grammars S. 223
Sutcliffe, David:
  Breaking Old Ground: African American English and the Search for its Past S. 233
Švejcer, Aleksandr:
  PC: Problems in US Language Policy S. 252
Taylor, Brian:
  The Inner-city Working Class English of Sydney, Australia, around 1900: a Linguistic Critique of Louis Stone's novel Jonah S. 258
Thomas, Alan R.:
  An Area Analysis of SED Morphology S. 271
Van den Eynden Morpeth, Nadine:
  Some Reflections upon Relative Concatenation S. 289
Weinstock, Horst:
  Alphabet und Buchstabennamen im Alt-, Mittel- und Frühneuenglischen: Systembestand und Systembildung S. 304
Part II: Studies Related to Other Languages
Awedyk, Wiesław / Hamans, Camiel:
  Spatial and Social Dimensions in Sound Change S. 318
Marcelino Cardoso, Suzana Alice:
  Remarques sur la division dialectale du Brésil S. 323
Ejskjær, Inger:
  Some Irregularities of the So-called West Jutland Stød (Glottal Stop), with Special Reference to Some Words Descended from Old Danish Forms Ending in -bb or -gg S. 336
Inoue, Fumio:
  Recent Change of Word-accent in Japanese – Correlations with Sociolinguistic Groups S. 350
Jahr, Ernst Håkon:
  On the Use of Dialects in Norway S. 363
Kiss, Jenő:
  Das Geschlecht der ungarischen Lehnwörter in der deutschen Schriftsprache S. 370
Klimov, George:
  On the Etymology of the Kartvelian *yor- 'pig' S. 374
Nocentini, Alberto:
  Bartoli's Norms Revisited: A Dynamic Reinterpretation S. 377
Saarinen, Sirkka:
  Language Contacts in the Volga Region: Loan Suffixes and Caiques in Mari and Udmurt S. 388
Sibata, Takesi / Grootaers, Willem:
  New Departures in Dialect Geographical Surveys: The Itoïgawa Dialect Atlas, Japan S. 397
Tristram, Hildegard L. C.:
  DO-Periphrasis in Contact? S. 401
Videgain, Xarles:
  De la désignation en basque des bêtes stériles S. 418
Watson, Seosamh:
  Aspects of the Adaptation of Loan-words in Gaelic S. 428
Weijnen, Antonius A.:
  Nordostniederländisches verdan(ne) S. 438
Part III: Studies in General Linguistics
Bańczerowski, Jerzy:
  Towards a General Theory of the Category of Person S. 441
Kastovsky, Dieter / Kryk-Kastovsky, Barbara:
  Morpholexical and Pragmatic Factors in Text Cohesion S. 462
Puppel, Stanisław:
  Vocalization, Phonemicization, and Syllabification: An Outline of a Model of Phonological Development in a General Problem-solving Perspective S. 476
Sasaki, Hideki:
  The Primal Landscape of Jules Gillieron's Linguistic Geography: Charles R. Darwin, On the Origin of Species (1 ed. 1859 – 6 ed. 1872) S. 488
Index of Names S. 503


  • Burgschmidt, Ernst (2003): Rezension von: Heinrich Ramisch and Kenneth Wynne (Ed.): Language in Time and Space. Studies in Honour of Wolfgang Viereck on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday (Zeitschrift für Dialektologie undn Linguistik. Beihefte. N. F. Nr. 97). In: Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik 70.1. Stuttgart: Steiner. S. 62-64.