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Egbert, Maria / Deppermann, Arnulf (Hrsg.): Hearing Aids Communication. Integrating Social Interaction, Audiology and User Centered Design to Improve Communication with Hearing Loss and Hearing Technologies. 208 S. - Mannheim: Verlag für Gesprächsforschung, 2012.
ISBN: 978-3-936656-40-4

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Globally, hearing loss is the second most frequent disability. About 80% of the persons affected by hearing loss do not use hearing aids. The goal of this edited volume is to present a theoretically founded, interdisciplinary approach geared at understanding and improving social interaction impacted by hearing loss and (non-)use of hearing technologies.

The researchers report on pilot studies from Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Using Conversation Analysis, the studies identify problems and serve as points of departure for possible solutions.

Researchers and practitioners from the different disciplines (medicine, audiology, hearing rehabilitation, User Centered Design, Conversation Analysis, change business) as well as users of hearing technologies comment on this approach.


Introduction and Background
Egbert, Maria / Deppermann, Arnulf:
  Introduction IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 1
Mourtou, Eleni / Meis, Markus:
  Introduction to audiology: Some basics about hearing loss, hearing technologies and barriers to hearing aid use S. 9
Egbert, Maria / Groeber, Simone / Jette, Damsø Johansen / Lonka, Eila / Meis, Markus / Pajo, Kati / Ruusuvuori, Johanna / Skelt, Louise:
  Hearing health care provision in the national systems of Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Switzerland: Similarities and differences S. 22
Keating, Elizabeth / Raudaskoski, Pirkko:
  Theoretical framework: Communicative technology for augmented interaction within the field of Science, Technology and Society (“STS”) S. 35
Egbert, Maria / Deppermann, Arnulf:
  Introduction to Conversation Analysis with examples from audiology IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 40
Egbert, Maria / Matthews, Ben:
  User Centered Design: From understanding hearing loss and hearing technologies towards understanding interaction S. 48
Analytical Chapters: Examining hearing loss in authentic interaction
Skelt, Louise:
  Dealing with misunderstandings: The sensitivity of repair in hearing impaired conversation S. 56
Pajo, Kati:
  Difficulty to receive a spoken message due to hearing loss: Analysis of a private interaction between two sisters at a coffee table S. 67
Groeber, Simone / Pekarek Doehler, Simona:
  9 76 Hearing impaired adolescents in a regular classroom: On the embodied accomplishment of participation and understanding S. 76
Deppermann, Arnulf:
  Negotiating hearing problems in doctor-patient interaction: Practices and problems of accomplishing shared reality IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 90
Bonner, Maria:
  Some linguistic observations on testing hearing S. 104
Heinemann, Trine / Matthews, Ben / Raudaskoski, Pirkko:
  Hearing aid adjustment: Translating symptom descriptions into treatment and dealing with expectations S. 113
Brouwer, Catherine / Day, Dennis:
  WHO/ICF guidelines and compliance in a hearing aid consultation S. 125
Laakso, Minna:
  Aphasia as an example of how a communication disorder affects interaction S. 138
Gülich, Elisabeth:
  Conversation Analysis as a new approach to the differential diagnosis of epileptic and non-epileptic seizure disorders S. 146
Deppermann, Arnulf / Egbert, Maria:
  Conclusions and future perspectives for application and innovation IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 159
Antaki, Charles:
  Applying Conversation Analysis to the multiple problems of hearing loss S. 164
Buur, Jacob:
  User Centred Design: Usability, experience, enskilment S. 167
Aarnisalo, Antti:
  Hearing aids communication: An ontologist’s point of view S. 168
Brodersen, Eric:
  A few comments by an audiologist S. 169
Kaul, Thomas:
  Understanding social interaction for rehabilitation and therapy of hearing loss S. 170
Görsdorf, Alexander:
  Beyond the first step: The perspective of those using hearing technology S. 171
Have, Claus:
  Change management S. 173
List of tables S. 175
List of figures S. 176
References S. 177
Notes on authors S. 196
Transcription conventions S. 203