Linguistische Studien

Spitzbardt, Harry: English in India. 86 S. - Halle: Niemeyer, 1976.

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I.   Language Policy and Language Planning S. 7
II.   The Linguistic Situation in India S. 13
III.   The Status of English in India S. 20
IV.   Linguistic Peculiarities of English in India S. 25
V.   Conclusion S. 45
A.   Planned Change in the Media of Instruction: Problems of Switch-Over (by L. M. Khubchandani) S. 49
B.   The Influence of Particular Factors on the Development or Retention of the Social Functions of Languages in India (by M. Hälsig) S. 59
C.   Extracts from “Language Policy and Programmes” by D. P. Pattanayak, edited by the Ministry of Education and Youth Services, Government of India, new Delhi 1970 S. 61
References S. 81