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Band 18:
Zgusta, Ladislav: Lexicography Today. An annotated bibliography of the theory of lexicography. With the assistance of Donna M. T. Cr. Farina. XV/349 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1988.
ISBN: 3-484-30918-0

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[Buch] IDS-Bibliothek: Sig. QB 1324

The last twenty years have witnessed an enormous upsurge of research on the theory of lexicography, on its methods and procedures, and on the application of the computer to various lexicographic tasks. The structure of dictionaries, their types, and the grammatical, encyclopedic and other information offered by dictionaries (in addition to the semantic, or lexical descriptions and equivalences) have become an object of intensive study. Research into the various purposes of various groups, or types, of dictionary users also had become more intensive than ever before.

The bibliography indicates the pertinent publications that appeared during the last approx. twenty years in all of the main lexicographic centers of the world. Both synchronic monolingual and bilingual lexicogapy are covered. A particualrly useful feature of the bibliography consists in the fact that the contents of each publication are summarized in English; the user who may not know Russian, Slovak – or even Dutch, for that, will thus be able to draw on works published in such lesser-known languages.
The index increases the usefulness of this work in its breakdown by lexicographic subjects and by languages treated in the publications listed. An index of names that occur in the summaries is also included for easy cross-referencing. However, the summaries render the bibliography readable as a text.


Preface S. VI
Bibliography S. 1
Index of Names of Second, Third, etc. Authors and Editors, Referred to the First Author S. 287
Index of Selected Names of Persons Occurring in Titles and Epitomes S. 297
Index of Selected Names of Languages Discussed S. 300
Topical Index S. 304