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Band 17:
Cowie, Anthony P. (Hrsg.): The Dictionary and the Language Learner. Papers from the EURALEX Seminar at the University of Leeds, 1-3 April 1985. 271 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1987.
ISBN: 978-3-484-30917-2

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This volume reflects the continuing prominence of pedagogical concerns in present-day lexicography and a growing interest, both theoretical and practical, in the dictionary user's needs and interests, It comprises 18 contributions by a variety of specialists – linguists, language teachers, computer scientists and practising lexicographers – and addresses three broad and interconnected areas of concern: research, classroom practice and experience, and dictionary design and development.
Reports of research deal with such issues as the student's perception of the dictionary as a learning resource and assessment of different forms of entry layout. They also show the growing involvement of the computer in investigating dictionary use and in criticially evaluating the dictionary itself. Reports from the class room point up the critical gap between the wealth of information made available in current learners' dictionaries and the poverty of response met with even in university departments. Much emphasis is laid on the need for training in dictionary use.

Contributions to the volume by practising lexicographers show their indebtedness to published research into dictionary users and uses, but also indicate the continuing influence of developments in linguistics and in language teaching methodology.


Acknowledgements S. VII
List of Contributors S. IX
Introduction S. 1
Part I: Research into dictionary use and design
Hartmann, R. R. K.:
  Four perspectives on dictionary use: a critical review of research methods S. 11
Atkins, Beryl T. / Lewis, Hélène / Summers, Della / Whitcut, Janet:
  A research project into the use of learners' dictionaries S. 29
Kipfer, Barbara Ann:
  Dictionaries and the intermediate student: communicative needs and the development of user reference skills S. 44
Calzolari, Nicoletta / Picchi, Eugenio / Zampolli, Antonio:
  The use of computers in lexicography and lexicology S. 55
Jansen, J. / Mergeai, J. P. / Vanandroye, J.:
  Controlling LDOCE's controlled vocabulary S. 78
Part II: The dictionary in teaching and translation
Béjoint, Henri / Moulin, André:
  The place of the dictionary in an EFL programme S. 97
Herbst, Thomas / Stein, Gabriele:
  Dictionary-using skills: a plea for a new orientation in language teaching S. 115
Maingay, Susan / Rundell, Michael:
  Anticipating learners' errors – implications for dictionary writers S. 128
Tomaszczyk, Jerzy:
  FL learners' communication failure: implications for pedagogical lexicography S. 136
Reif, Joseph A.:
  The development of a dictionary concept: an English learner's dictionary and an exotic alphabet S. 146
Snell-Hornby, Mary:
  Towards a learner's bilingual dictionary S. 159
Part III: Progress in dictionary design
Moon, Rosamund:
  Monosemous words and the dictionary S. 173
Cowie, Anthony P.:
  Syntax, the dictionary and the learner's communicative needs S. 183
Ilson, Robert:
  Illustrations in dictionaries S. 193
Drysdale, P. D.:
  The role of examples in a learner's dictionary S. 213
Marello, Carla:
  Examples in contemporary Italian bilingual dictionaries S. 224
Creamer, Thomas:
  Beyond the definition: some problems with examples in recent Chinese-English and English-Chinese bilingual dictionaries S. 238
Broeders, Ton:
  The treatment of phonological idioms S. 246
Bibliography S. 257