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Stein, Gabriele: The English Dictionary before Cawdrey. VII/444 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1985.
ISBN: 3-484-30910-1

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-166487-3

The book gives a chronological account of the bilingual and polyglot English glossaries, vocabularies, and dictionaries before 1604, the date of publication of the first monolingual English dictionary. It tries to retrace the origin and historical development of the lexicographical principles and methods that underlay early English dictionaries. This is done by comparing the compilers' prefaces to their works, their theoretical and methodological bases, with a metalexicographical in-depth study of the works themselves which reveal their lexicographical practice. Special emphasis is given to the following aspects: explicit discussions of lexicographical issues, the source books consulted, the envisaged dictionary users, and the beginnings of modern English lexicographical practice (distinction between headword and run-on entry; inclusion of pronunciation, grammar, usage labels, affixes, idioms, illustrative examples, and pictoral illustrations; ‘definition’ styles). It is shown that compilers of English-Latin dictionaries and compilers who contrasted English with one of the vernaculars of the time, French, Welsh, Spanish or Italian, were more innovative and original than compilers of Latin-English dictionaries.


1.   Acknowledgements S. V
2.   Contents S. VII
3.   Introduction S. 1
4.   The Leiden Glossary S. 8
5.   The Corpus Glossary S. 14
6.   The ABC-Glossary S. 20
7.   The London Vocabulary (British Museum Add MS 32,246 and Plantin-Moretus MS No. 32, Antwerp) S. 32
8.   The Vocabulary of Names of Plants S. 44
9.   The Mayer Nominale S. 53
10.   The Pictorial Vocabulary S. 66
11.   The Medulla grammatice and the Ortus vocabulorum S. 74
12.   The promptorium parvulorum S. 91
13.   The Catholicon Anglicum S. 107
14.   John Palsgrave: Lesclarcissement de la langue francoyse S. 121
15.   The Dictionary of Syr Thomas Elyot S. 140
16.   William Salesbury: A Dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe S. 157
17.   Robert Estienne and John Veron: Dictionariolum puerorum tribus linguis Latina, Anglica & Gallica conscriptum S. 165
18.   Richard Huloet: Abecedarium Anglico-Latinum S. 181
19.   John Withals: A shorte Dictionarie for Yonge Begynners S. 194
20.   Thomas Cooper: Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae S. 205
21.   Peter Levins: Manipulus vocabulorum S. 226
22.   A Dictionarie French and English S. 245
23.   John Baret: An Alvearie or Triple Dictionarie, in Englyshe, Latin, and French S. 273
24.   Simon Pelegromius: Synoymorum sylva S. 296
25.   Thomas Thomas: Dictionarium Linguae Latinae et Anglicanae S. 312
26.   John Rider: Bibliotheca scholastica S. 333
27.   Richard Percyvall: Bibliotheca Hispanica S. 353
28.   John Florio: A Worlde of Wordes S. 378
29.   A Chonological List of the Relevant Works S. 410
30.   An Alphabetical List of the Works Studied S. 432