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Heft 17:
Olsen, Susan (Hrsg.): New Impulses in Word-Formation. 404 S. - Hamburg: Buske, 2010.
ISBN: 978-3-87548-553-0

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[Buch] IDS-Bibliothek: Sig. QA 3936

This special issue entitled "New Impulses in Word-Formation" demonstrates in thirteen individual, empirically oriented case studies how the methods gleaned from newer theoretical models (optimality theory, construction grammar, cognitive grammar, distributive morphology, parallel architecture) as well as from the linguistic sub-disciplines of psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, corpus linguistics and computational linguistics can be applied lucratively to the field of word-formation. The individual contributions are from a team of international linguists and deal with a broad spectrum of interests divided almost equally between the two major areas of word-formation, derivation and composition.


Olsen, Susan:
  New Impulses in Word-Formation S. 5
Baeskow, Heike:
  Derivation in Generative Grammar and Neo-Construction Grammar: A Critical Evaluation and a New Proposal S. 21
Lieber, Rochelle:
  Towards an OT Morphosemantics: The Case of -hood, -dom, and -ship S. 61
Booij, Geert:
  Constructions and Lexical Units: An Analysis of Dutch Numerals S. 81
Roßdeutscher, Antje:
  German -ung-Nominalisation
An Explanation of Formation and Interpretation in a Root-Based Account
S. 101
Spencer, Andrew:
  Factorizing Lexical Relatedness S. 133
Raffelsiefen, Renate:
  Idiosyncrasy, Regularity, and Synonymy in Derivational Morphology: Evidence for Default Word Interpretation Strategies IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 173
ten Hacken, Pius:
  Synthetic and Exocentric Compounds in a Parallel Architecture S. 233
Bücking, Sebastian:
  German Nominal Compounds as Underspecified Names for Kinds S. 253
Spalding, Thomas L. / Gagné, Christina L. / Mullaly, Allison / Ji, Hongbo:
  Relation-Based Interpretation of Noun-Noun Phrases: A New Theoretical Approach S. 283
Libben, Gary:
  Compound Words, Semantic Transparency, and Morphological Transcendence S. 317
Semenza, Carlo / Mondini, Sara:
  Compound Words in Neuropsychology S. 331
Plag, Ingo / Kunter, Gero:
  Constituent Family Size and Compound Stress Assignment in English S. 349
Baayen, Harald R.:
  The Directed Compound Graph of English – An Exploration of Lexical Connectivity and its Processing Consequences S. 383