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Linguistische Arbeiten

Band 359:
Ureland, P. Sture / Clarkson, Iain (Hrsg.): Language Contact across the North Atlantic. Proceedings of the Working Groups held at the University College, Galway (Ireland), 1992 and the University of Göteborg (Sweden), 1993. XIV/552 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1996.
ISBN: 3-484-30359-X
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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-092965-2

Folgende Sprachkontakte werden behandelt: Kontakte aus der Zeit vor Kolumbus: Altwestnordisch-Piktisch und Goidelisch in Schottland, Altwestnordisch-Goidelisch in Irland, auf den Färoer-Inseln und auf Island, Norn-Mittelenglisch auf den Shetland-Inseln und auf dem schottischen Festland. Kontakte der Kolonialzeit: Westeuropäische Sprachen – Grönländisch. Kontakte aus der Zeit der Massenemigration: Amerikanisches Englisch in Kontakt mit Niederländisch, Texas-Deutsch, Schottisch, Gälisch, Schwedisch, Norwegisch, Finnisch, Italienisch und Kroatisch sowie Schwedisch in Kontakt mit Spanisch in Südamerika (Argentinien). Ebenfalls behandelt wird die Entwicklung der Krio-Sprache in Sierra Leone.


Preface S. IX
Acknowledgements S. XII
Opening of the SLE conference in Galway S. XIII
Introduction S. 1
I. Pre-Columbian Contacts
A. Old Norse in the Faroes
Werner, Otmar:
  Old Norse in the Faroes (with special reference to palatalization) S. 35
B. Old Norse in Scotland and Norn in Shetland
Jennings, Andrew:
  Historical and linguistic evidence for Gall-Gaidheil and Norse in Western Scotland S. 61
Pavlenko, Alexander:
  On the use of "be" as a perfective auxiliary in modern Shetland dialect: hybridization and syntactic change S. 75
C. Old Norse in Ireland
Schulze-Thulin, Britta:
  Old Norse in Ireland S. 83
D. Old Norse in Iceland
Fellows-Jensen, Gillian:
  Language contact in Iceland: the evidence of names S. 115
E. Greenland
Kleivan, Inge:
  European contacts with Greenland as reflected in the place-names S. 125
II. Post-Columbian Contacts
A. Scandinavian Contacts – Emigration History
Ljungmark, Lars:
  Swedish exodus – from Sillgatan in Gothenburg to America S. 153
Beijbom, Ulf:
  The Swedish Emigrant Institute and the documentation of the transatlantic emigration era S. 169
Blanck, Dag:
  Five decades of research on Swedish emigration to North America S. 185
B. Swedish – American Englush
Klintborg, Staffan:
  Linkers, fillers, tags and flags – code-switching of conjunctions and conversational signals among American Swedes S. 199
C. Swedish – Spanish in Argentina
Flodell, Gunvor:
  Immigrant Swedish in Misiones, Argentina – towards language loss S. 217
D. Norwegian – American English
Honrud-Larsen, Marlys:
  The Norwegian immigrants of the late 18th century and the so-called 'great melting pot' in America S. 237
Kruse, Arne:
  Scandinavian-American place-names as viewed from the Old World S. 255
Hallaråker, Peter:
  The position of Nynorsk in the Norwegian-American press S. 269
Hjelde, Arnstein:
  Some phonological changes in an Norwegian dialect in America S. 283
Hjelde, Arnstein:
  The gender of English nouns used in American Norwegian S. 297
E. Norwegian Dialects in Spitsbergen
Mæhlum, Brit:
  Semi-migration in the Arctic – a theoretical perspective on the dialect strategies of children on Spitsbergen S. 313
F. Finnish – American English
Hirvonen, Pekka:
  Retention and replacement of original Finnish words in American Finnish S. 333
G. English Dialects in America
Kniezsa, Veronica:
  English dialects transported S. 351
H. Scots-Gaelic – American English
MacKinnon, Kenneth:
  Cape Breton – Western Isles: transatlantic resonance of language and culture S. 363
McColl Millar, Robert:
  Gaelic-influenced Scots in pre-revolutionary Maryland S. 387
Montgomery, Michael / Robinson, Philip:
  Ulster English as Janus: Language contact across the Irish Sea and across the North Atlantic S. 411
I. Dutch – American English
van Marle, Jaap / Smits, Caroline:
  American Dutch: general trends in its development S. 427
J. German – American English
Guion, Susan:
  The death of Texas German in Gillespie County S. 443
K. Croatian – American English
Filipovic, Rudolf:
  Sociolinguistic conditions for maintenance of a dialect: The case of the Konavle dialect in Watsonville, California S. 465
L. Italian – American English
Milani, Celestina:
  Language contact among North-American people of Italian origin S. 479
Birken-Silverman, Gabriele:
  Emigration from southern Italy to the United States: Bilingualism and its linguistic effects on local dialects S. 503
III. African-European – American Contacts
Sandred, Karl Inge:
  A West African creole language in an Atlantic perspective: the origins and present state of Krio S. 527
Index of languages S. 543
Index of names S. 545
Autors' addresses S. 551


  • Trudgill, Peter (1999): Rezension von: Per Sture Ureland / Iain Clarkson [ed.]: Language Contact Across the North Atlantic. Proceedings of the Working Groups Held at University College, Galway (Ireland), August 29-September 3, 1992 and the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), August 16-21, 1993 (Linguistische Arbeiten. Bd. 359). In: Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik 66.3. Stuttgart: Steiner. S. 325-327.