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Linguistische Arbeiten

Band 281:
Tracy, Rosemarie (Hrsg.): Who climbs the grammar-tree [leaves for David Reibel]. XV/521 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1992.
ISBN: 3-484-30281-X
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[Buch] IDS-Bibliothek: Sig. M 1638
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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-163382-4


Preface S. XI
Selected Roots: History of Linguistic Ideas
Christmann, Hans-Helmut:
  Studies of English Language and Literature versus Romance Philology in Germany in the Nineteenth Century S. 3
Walmsley, John:
  E. A. Sonnenschein's New English Grammar S. 15
Reconstructing Seasons Past: Linguistic Change
de Brabandt, Anja:
  The Verb speak in Shakespeare's Plays S. 33
Fritz, Gerd:
  Remarks on the Structure of the Verbal Complex in Early 17th Century German S. 53
Grannis, Oliver:
  Language Change in Modern German: Feminism and Systematic Gap Production S. 67
Householder, Fred W.:
  Pronunciation Rules and Improper Sound Change S. 77
Németh-Newhauser, Andrea / Newhauser, Richard:
  Aspects of the Development of the Imperative in Early Modern English S. 93
Russ, Charles V.J.:
  Informal Sources in the History of English and German S. 107
Schane, Sanford A.:
  On the Historical Development of Greek/Grecian S. 117
Aspects of Growth: Language Acquisition and Language Teaching
James, Allan R.:
  Product and Process in the Phonology of Foreign Accent: Towards a Linguistic Model of Second Language Sound Acquisition S. 125
Le Page, Robert B.:
  What Can We Learn from the Case of Pitcairnese? S. 143
Mills, Anne E.:
  Variation and Language Acquisition: Psammetichus Revisited S. 157
Newmark, Leonard:
  Language Teaching in Utopia: A Retrospective View S. 171
Radford, Andrew:
  The Grammar of 'Missing Arguments' in Early Child English S. 179
Branches of Twigs: Within and Across levels of the Grammar
- Phonology and Spelling
Simpson, Adrian:
  The Phonologies of the English Auxiliary System S. 209
Stubbs, Michael W.:
  Spelling in Society: Forms and Variants, Uses and Users S. 221
- Semantics and Pragmatics
Gottschalk, Klaus-Dieter:
  What about How about?
Or: The Non-Synonymy of How about and What about
S. 237
Lattey, Elsa / Moeck, Juliane:
  Linguistic and Stylistic Considerations Affecting Restrictive Relative Clauses in Spoken and Written English S. 257
Mönnich, Uwe:
  On the Tension between Properties and Propositional Functions S. 273
Weber, Heinrich:
  Sein und Raum: Bemerkungen zur lokalistischen Interpretation des Verbs sein in Heideggers Einführung in die Metaphysik S. 297
Werth, Paul N.:
  The English Conditional – Tense, Aspect or Mood? S. 307
- Syntax
Czepluch, Hartmut:
  Non-Configurational Properties in a Configurational Language: The Case of English S. 339
Drubig, H. Bernhard:
  On Topicalization and Inversion S. 375
König, Ekkehard:
  From Discourse to Syntax: The Case of Concessive Conditionals S. 423
Pullum, Geoffrey K.:
  English Nominal Gerund Phrases as Noun Phrases with Verb Phrase Heads S. 435
Reis, Marga:
  The Category of Invariant alles in Wh-Clauses: On Syntactic Quantifiers vs. Quantifying Particles in German S. 465
Westney, Paul:
  Revisiting -ing -ing S. 493
New Seasons
Guenthner, Franz:
  Computational Linguistics: "A Personal View" S. 507
List of Contributors S. 519