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Band 238:
Ureland, Per Sture (Hrsg.): Language contact in the British Isles. Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Language Contact in Europe, Douglas, Isle of Man, 1988. IX/717 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1991.
ISBN: 3-484-30238-0
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Programme of the Eighth International Symposium on Language Contact in Europe, Douglas, Isle of Man S. 1
List of the authors' addresses S. 7
Introduction S. 11
A. Contacts in the Isle of Man: Max – Latin – Old Norse – Old French – English
Broderick, George:
  The decline and death of Manx Gaelic S. 63
Thomson, Robert L.:
  Foreign elements in the Manx vocabulary S. 127
Gelling, Margaret:
  The place-names of the Isle of Man S. 141
Diarmuid, Ian:
  Prosodic change in Manx and lexical diffusion S. 157
B. Wales: Old Welsh – Old Irish – Latin
Harvey, Anthony:
  The Cambridge Juvencus Glosses – Evidence of Hiberno-Welsh literary interaction? S. 181
C. Cornwall: Cornish – English
Wakelin, Martyn:
  The Cornishness of Cornwall's English S. 199
D. Pan-Celtic – English
Lazar-Meyn, Heidi Ann:
  The Colour systems of the modern Celtic languages – Effects of language contact S. 227
E. Continental Contacts: Continental Germanic – Old English
Nielsen, Hans F.:
  The Straubing Heliand-Fragment and the Old English dialects S. 243
Anglo-Norman – Middle English
Clark, Cecily:
  Towards a reassessment of "Anglo-Norman influence on English place-names" S. 275
F. Contacts in England: Brittonic – Old English
Poussa, Patricia:
  Origins of the non-standard relativizers WHAT and AS in English S. 295
Old Scandinavian – Old and Middle English
Sandred, Karl Inge:
  The study of Scandinavian in England: A survey of Swedish contributions including ongoing research in East Anglia S. 317
Fellows-Jensen, Gillian:
  Scandinavian influence on the place-names of England S. 337
Kisbye, Torben:
  Compatibility and incompatibility – three important periods of English-Danish onomastic contact S. 355
Werner, Otmar:
  The incorporation of Old Norse pronouns into Middle English
Suppletion by loan
S. 369
Hines, John:
  Scandinavian English: a Creole in context S. 403
G. Orkney and Shetland: Norn – Scots
Barnes, Michael P.:
  Reflections on the structure and the demise of Orkney and Shetland Norn S. 429
Melchers, Gunnel:
  Norn-Scots: a complicated language contact situation in Shetland S. 461
H. The Western Isles (Hebrides) and Skye: Gaelic – Old Norse
Cox, Richard A. V.:
  Norse-Gaelic contact in the west of Lewis: the place-name evidence S. 479
Scots Gaelic – Scots – (Standard) English
MacKinnon, Kenneth:
  Language-maintenance and viability in contemporary Gaelic communities: Skye and the Western Isles today S. 495
I. Scotland (Mainland): Scots – (Standard) English
Kirk, John M.:
  Language contact and Scots S. 535
J. Ireland: Irish – English
Stenson, Nancy:
  Code-switching vs. borrowing in Modern Irish S. 559
Baoill, Donall P. O.:
  Contact phenomena in the phonology of Irish and English in Ireland S. 581
Odlin, Terence:
  Syntactic variation in Hiberno-English S. 597
Filppula, Markku:
  Subordinating and in Hiberno-English syntax: Irish or English origin? S. 617
Ureland, P. Sture:
  Bilingualism and writing in the Irish Gaeltacht and the Grisons (Switzerland) with special reference to Irish and English S. 632
Index of personal names S. 695
Index of languages S. 713


  • Schneider, Edgar W. (1994): Rezension von: Per Sture Ureland / George Broderick [Hg.]: Language Contact in the British Isles. Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Language Contact in Europe. Douglas, Isle of Man 1988 (Linguistische Arbeiten. Bd. 238). In: Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik 61.2. Stuttgart: Steiner. S. 215-218.