Koloniale und Postkoloniale Linguistik (KPL/CPL)

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Perez, Danae Maria / Sippola, Eeva (Hrsg.): Postcolonial Language Varieties in the Americas. VIII/326 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2021.
ISBN: 978-3-11-072390-8
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In the Americas, both indigenous and postcolonial languages today bear witness of massive changes that have taken place since the colonial era. However, a unified approach to languages from different colonial areas is still missing. The present volume studies postcolonial varieties that emerged due to changing linguistic and sociolinguistic conditions in different settings across the Americas. The studies cover indigenous languages that are undergoing lexical and grammatical change due to the presence of colonial languages and the emergence of new dialects and creoles due to contact. The contributions showcase the diversity of approaches to tackle fundamental questions regarding the processes triggered by language contact as well as the wide range of outcomes contact has had in postcolonial settings.
The volume adds to the documentation of the linguistic properties of postcolonial language varieties in a socio-historically informed framework. It explores the complex dynamics of extra-linguistic factors that brought about the processes of language change in them and contributes to a better understanding of the determinant factors that lead to the emergence and evolution of such codes.


Preface S. VII
Sippola, Eeva / Perez, Danae Maria:
  Colonialism and new language varieties in the Americas: An introduction S. 1
Stolz, Thomas / Arbes, Deborah / Stolz, Christel:
  Pero – Champion of Hispanization?
On the challenges of documenting function word borrowing in Mesoamerican languages
S. 17
Robbers, Maja:
  A Mesoamerican perspective on contact-induced change in numeral classification S. 55
Mazzoli, Maria:
  Secondary derivation in the Michif verb: Beyond the traditional Algonquian template S. 81
Perez, Danae Maria:
  Social conditioning for the transmission of adstrate features in contact varieties of Spanish in the Central Andes S. 181
Braga Mattos, Ana Paulla:
  The Afro-Brazilian community Kalunga: Linguistic and sociohistorical perspectives S. 207
Rees, Iwan Wyn:
  Hispanicization in the Welsh settlement of Chubut Province, Argentina
Some current linguistic developments
S. 237
Perez, Danae Maria / Schmalz, Mirjam:
  Complex patterns of variety perception in the Eastern Caribbean
New insights from St. Kitts
S. 269
Schneider, Britta:
  The contested role of colonial language ideologies in multilingual Belize S. 291
Index of Authors S. 317
Index of Languages S. 322
Index of Subjects S. 324