Koloniale und Postkoloniale Linguistik (KPL/CPL)

Band 13:
Weber, Brigitte (Hrsg.): The Linguistic Heritage of Colonial Practice. X/254 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2019.
ISBN: 978-3-11-062005-4

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The contributions of this volume offer both a diachronic and synchronic approach to aspects relating to different areas of colonial life as for example colonial place-naming in a comparative perspective. They comprise topics of diverse interests within the field of language and colonialism and represent the linguistic fields of sociolinguistics, onomastics, historical linguistics, language contact, obsolescence convergence and divergence, (colonial) discourse, lexicography and creolistics.


Foreword S. V
Acknowledgments S. VII
Weber, Brigitte:
  Introduction S. 1
Stolz, Thomas / Warnke, Ingo H.:
  Saints, nobility, and other heroes
Colonial place-naming as part of the European linguistic heritage
S. 13
Schuster, Susanne:
  “The making of Greenland” – Early European place names in Kalaallit Nunaat S. 43
Miccoli, Paolo:
  Colonial place-names in Italian East Africa (AOI) (with additional data from Tripoli)
The linguistic heritage of colonial practice
S. 75
Wienberg, Marina:
  Linguistic missionary heritage
Capuchin missionary Father Laurentius and his unpublished German-Chuukese dictionary
S. 93
Stolberg, Doris:
  Positioning by naming: Constructing group affiliation in a colonial setting IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 115
Krämer, Philipp:
  Third-hand colonial linguistics: Adolphe Dietrich’s comparative study of Indian Ocean Creoles S. 139
Rodríguez, Yliana:
  Spanish-Guarani diglossia in colonial Paraguay: A language undertaking S. 153
Karg, Wolfram:
  Construction of (transcontinental) railways as a means of colonization
A corpus-based analysis on the German colonial discourse in postcolonial perspective
S. 169
Skybina, Valentyna / Bytko, Natali:
  The Raj English in historical lexicography S. 191
Weber, Brigitte:
  Anglo-Norman: Language contact and obsolescence S. 219
Index of Authors S. 245
Index of Languages S. 249
Index of Subjects S. 251
Index of Toponyms S. 253