Internationales Jahrbuch für europäische Soziolinguistik

Jahrbuch 36:
Sociolinguistica 36. 266 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2022.
ISSN: 1865-939X


Darquennes, Jeroen / Oakes, Leigh / Riehl, Claudia Maria:
  Sociolinguistica: past, present and future Text
S. 1
Coulmas, Florian:
  Writing regime change: a research agenda Text
S. 9
Deumert, Ana:
  Pasts, presents and futures: discourses of colonization and decolonization Text
S. 23
Dovalil, Vít:
  Metalinguistic activities as a focus of socio­linguistic research: Language Management Theory, its potential, and fields of application Text
S. 35
Edwards, John:
  Deconstructivism, postmodernism and their offspring: disorders of our time Text
S. 55
Franceschini, Rita:
  Language biographies Text
S. 69
Grin, François:
  Progress in LPP: towards an assessment of challenges from critical perspectives Text
S. 85
Kelly-Holmes, Helen:
  Sociolinguistics in an increasingly technologized reality Text
S. 99
Kristinsson, Ari Páll:
  Language policy research directions embedded in the sociolinguistic enterprise Text
S. 111
May, Stephen:
  Superdiversity and its explanatory limits Text
S. 125
McEntee-Atalianis, Lisa:
  Language and identity: past concerns, future directions Text
S. 137
Newerkla, Stefan Michael:
  Reconstructing multilingualism in the Habsburg state: lessons learnt and implications for historical sociolinguistics Text
S. 151
Reagan, Timothy:
  Language planning and language policies for sign languages: an emerging civil rights movement Text
S. 169
Šimičić, Lucija:
  Rethinking some terminological and disciplinary boundaries in researching language maintenance and shift (in the context of migration and beyond) Text
S. 183
Sippola, Eeva:
  The macrosociolinguistics of language contact Text
S. 195
Spitzmüller, Jürgen:
  Beyond the binarism: locating past, present and future sociolinguistic research on ideologies of communication Text
S. 207
Vandenbussche, Wim:
  The pursuit of language standardization research as a mission for true sociolinguists Text
S. 219
Williams, Colin H.:
  Spatial representation and sociolinguistic synergies Text
S. 231249
Oakes, Leigh:
  Olle Josephson (2018): Språkpolitik Text
S. 249
Remysen, Wim:
  Marc Chalier (2021): Les normes de prononciation du français : une étude perceptive panfrancophone Text
S. 253
Vierendeels, Ilias:
  Bernard Spolsky (2021): Rethinking Language Policy Text
S. 258
Szívós, István / Knipf-Komlósi, Erzsébet:
  Anna Borbély (ed. 2020): Nemzetiségi nyelvi tájkép Magyarországon Text
S. 263