Internationales Jahrbuch für Lexikographie

Jahrbuch 39:
Lexicographica 39. 388 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2023.
ISSN: 0175-6206


Thematic Part: Culture and dictionaries
Edited by Rufus H. Gouws, Thomas Herbst, Anja Lobenstein-Reichmann, Stefan J. Schierholz and Wolfgang Schweickard
Gouws, Rufus H. / Herbst, Thomas / Lobenstein-Reichmann, Anja / Schierholz, Stefan J. / Schweickard, Wolfgang:
  Introduction. StellEMLex 2023: Culture and Dictionaries Text
S. 3
Dlali, Mawande:
  Proverbs as an agent of cultural wisdom and identity among the Xhosa speaking people Text
S. 7
Reichmann, Oskar:
  The lexicon and culture – culture and the lexicon Text
S. 21
Nuccorini, Stefania:
  Culture in the OED online Phrases and Quotations Text
S. 33
Nied Curcio, Martina / Barozzi, Francesca / Phoodai, Chayanon:
  Representation of culture-bound items in a culture dictionary for German readers Text
S. 55
Kirchner, Adam:
  Unpacking colonialist and racist ideologies in historical German lexicons: A critical analysis of the Afrika Hand-Lexikon (1885) and similar reference books Text
S. 97
Domínguez Vázquez, María José / Mosquera Sánchez, Lola / Nebechukwu, Deborah / Sih, U-Tong:
  Women in Lexicography: a collaborative citizens project Text
S. 121
Non-thematic Part
Laura, Giacomini:
  Specialised language and conceptual knowledge in lexicographic portals Text
S. 143
Vintar, Špela / Saksida, Amanda:
  The anatomy of specialized knowledge: Comparing experts and non-experts through associations, frames and language models Text
S. 165
Flinz, Carolina:
  The multifunctional LBC-Corpora: different aims depending on the user Text
S. 191
Gromann, Dagmar / Heinisch, Barbara / Wachowiak, Lennart / Lang, Christian:
  A novel way of extracting full-fledged terminologies from multilingual texts Text
S. 209
Bellandi, Andrea / Piccini, Silvia:
  Creating specialised dictionaries using LexO Text
S. 225
Køhler Simonsen, Henrik:
  Theoretical Considerations on AI-based Business Models for Lexicography Text
S. 251
Alcolado Carnicero, José Miguel:
  From Great Britain to the Spanish Philippines via British India… and back: Lexemes in the British East India Company’s Manilha Consultations, 1762–1764 Text
S. 279
Landolt, Christoph:
  “Als Ziel gilt, den Wortinhalt allseits auszuleuchten, auch kleinste Facetten sichtbar zu machen” – Funktionswörter im Schweizerischen Idiotikon / Wörterbuch der schweizerdeutschen Sprache Text
S. 315
Lexicography in Higher Education
Hollós, Zita / Kalicz, Andrea:
  “Ein Mann, ein Wort, viele EMLexler, ein Wörterbuch”
Bericht über das Sommersemester des Europäischen Masters für Lexikographie (EMLex) an der Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem (Budapest)
S. 365
Benter, Merle / Pawels, Julia / Storjohann, Petra:
  “Dictionaries and Society” – Conference Report about XX EURALEX in Mannheim IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 373
Kučera, Antonin:
  Dictionnaire Poche Larousse 2023, 76 000 définitions, noms communs, noms propres Text
S. 383
Hollós, Zita:
  The Bloomsbury Handbook of Lexicography. Second Edition. Edited by Howard Jackson Text
S. 385