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Internationales Jahrbuch für Lexikographie

Max Niemeyer Verlag, Tübingen
Walter de Gruyter Verlag, Berlin / Boston

Herausgegeben von Rufus Hjalmar Gouws, Ulrich Heid, Stefan J. Schierholz, Wolfgang Schweickard und Herbert Ernst Wiegand

Published annually since 1985, this international yearbook covers all topics in the field of lexicography, including e.g. dictionary making, lexicographic theory, the history of lexicography, as well as computational lexicography. It publishes articles on monolingual and bilingual lexicography, for both general language and specialized languages. Each yearbook contains a thematic part with detailed articles selected from a specific call. In addition, each volume includes submitted articles on any lexicographic topic, conference reports, book reviews and notes on lexicography in higher education. Articles are in English, German and some also in French, reviewed by at least two of the editors. "Lexicographica" is complemented by the companion book series Lexicographica. Series Maior, which publishes monographs and collective volumes in the field of lexicography.

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