Internationales Jahrbuch für Lexikographie

Jahrbuch 37:
Lexicographica 37. 313 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2021.
ISSN: 0175-6206


Thematic Part: Historical lexicography of the landscape and the digital age
Edited by Wiebke Blanck, Anja Lobenstein-Reichmann and Stefan J. Schierholz
Blanck, Wiebke / Lobenstein-Reichmann, Anja / Schierholz, Stefan J.:
  LandLex: Historical lexicography of the landscape and the digital age Text
S. 3
Blanck, Wiebke / Lobenstein-Reichmann, Anja / Schierholz, Stefan J.:
  LandLex: Historische Lexikographie der Landschaft und des digitalen Zeitalters Text
S. 13
Reichmann, Oskar:
  Visions of lexicography of a semantic European Text
S. 25
Bär, Jochen A.:
  Interlinguality in historical conceptography Text
S. 37
Lühr, Rosemarie:
  Spatial cognition in landscape designations in the area of the Old European Hydronymy Text
S. 59
Villalva, Alina / Cardeira, Esperança:
  A Portuguese 18th-century dictionary rescued from oblivion Text
S. 85
Corino, Elisa / Marello, Carla:
  Squeezing Italian dictionaries in search of citrus juice and fruit Text
S. 115
Metsmägi, Iris / Oja, Vilja:
  Estonian words for ‘field’ in historical dictionaries Text
S. 137
Schoonheim, Tanneke:
  Words crossing borders Text
S. 161
Tsolakidis, Simeon:
  Hills and mountains in the lexicography for (Modern) Greek Text
S. 177
Williams, Geoffrey:
  Trees in the landscape: orchard trees in a 17th-century French dictionary Text
S. 203
Wolf, Henning:
  FWB-online – a brief insight into an online dictionary revealing information on historical linguistics, cultural history and the impact of time and geography on the German language in the early modern era Text
S. 227
Non-thematic Part
Miyoshi, Kusujiro:
  Pickering’s influence on Craigie and Hulbert’s Dictionary of American English (1936–1944) Text
S. 249
Markus, Manfred:
  OED and EDD: comparison of the printed and online versions Text
S. 261
Schweickard, Wolfgang:
  South and South East Asian languages and Renaissance Italy Text
S. 281
Schweickard, Wolfgang:
  John Considine (ed.): The Cambridge World History of Lexicography, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2019 Text
S. 297
Schierholz, Stefan J.:
  Die Villa Vigoni Thesen zur Lexikographie Text
S. 303
Lexicography in Higher Education
Schierholz, Stefan J.:
  Der Europäische Master für Lexikographie in 2021 Text
S. 309