Internationales Jahrbuch für Lexikographie

Jahrbuch 36:
Lexicographica 36. VIII/334 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2020.
ISSN: 0175-6206


Thematic Part : Metalexicography, dictionaries and culture
Edited by Rufus H. Gouws
Gouws, Rufus H.:
  Metalexicography, dictionaries and culture Text
S. 3
Nkomo, Dion:
  Dictionary culture in African language communities: research, development, challenges and prospects Text
S. 11
Rull, Antoni Nomdedeu:
  How to select and present cultural data: a challenge to lexicography Text
S. 39
Yihua, Zhang / Hanfu, Mi:
  Enhancing the Role of Culture-specific Constructs in Chinese (-English) Dictionaries for International Learners Text
S. 59
Shan, Ma:
  The treatment of Taoist terms in Chinese-English dictionaries: a study based on Frame Semantics Text
S. 89
Fang, Huang:
  The treatment of Cultural Words in Chinese Foreign Dictionaries--a Case Study on “粽子” Text
S. 109
Qian, Li/Yun, Xia:
  Equivalent Varieties for Culture-specific Words in Chinese-English Dictionaries Text
S. 123
Jesenšek, Vida:
  Wörterbücher mit Slowenisch. Historische, kulturelle und sprachpolitische Aspekte Text
S. 139
Vrbinc, Marjeta / Vrbinc, Alenka:
  The presentation of information in bilingual online dictionaries: The case of culturespecific phraseological units Text
S. 159
Nied Curcio, Martina:
  Kulturell geprägte Wörter zwischen sprachlicher Äquivalenz und kultureller Kompetenz. Am Beispiel deutsch-italienischer Wörterbücher Text
S. 181
Kaplan, Steven M.:
  Boys will be boys: an example of biased and exclusive usage Text
S. 205
Margalitadze, Tinatin:
  Language and ecology of culture Text
S. 225
Karpova, Olga M.:
  A New Wave of Shakespeare Lexicography (with Special Reference to LSP Dictionaries) Text
S. 241
Non-thematic Part
Fuertes-Olivera, Pedro A. / Tarp, Sven:
  A Window to the Future: Proposal for a Lexicography-assisted Writing Assistant Text
S. 257
Lobenstein-Reichmann, Anja / Reichmann, Oskar:
  Lexikographische Konzeption und kulturgeschichtliche Erkenntnis im digitalen Zeitalter Text
S. 287
Witty, Michael:
  The Deipnosophists and Dr Johnson Text
S. 311
Lexicography in Higher Education
Domínguez Vázquez, María José / López Iglesias, Nerea:
  Lexicography in the times of the Covid: EMLex survival kit Text
S. 327