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Band 55:
Carlin, Eithne B.: A Grammar of Trio. A Cariban Language of Suriname. XXXIV/549 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / Bruxelles / New York / Oxford / Wien: Lang, 2004.
ISBN: 3-631-52900-7

This is a comprehensive descriptive grammar of Trio, a Cariban language, spoken in the remote rainforest of Suriname and along the border in Brazil. Typologically interesting features of Trio include a basic word order Object-Verb-Subject and a system of evidentiality that expresses whether or not the speaker was eye-witness to an event. Trio has several grammatical morphemes that mirror the group's conceptualization of the world of the visible and the invisible in which they live; one is a facsimile marker that expresses that the denotee of a noun is manifestly but not intrinsically that denotee; the role of the individual in contributing to a harmonious collective, recognized by anthropologists as a salient aspect of Amazonian life, is expressed by two «responsibility» clitics. This grammar will be a valuable source-book for linguists, anthropologists, and everyone interested in the finer points of Guianan-Amazonian languages.


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List of Tables S. XV
Acknowledgements S. XIX
Abbreviations and symbols S. XXIII
Inventory of grammatical morphemes S. XXVII
Map of Suriname showing the location of the Cariban groups S. XXXIV
1.   The Trio S. 1
2.   Phonology S. 45
3.   Lexical categories S. 67
4.   Nominal morphology S. 91
5.   Pronouns S. 143
6.   Postpositions S. 165
7.   Interrogatives and question words S. 229
8.   Verbal morphology S. 255
9.   Nominalization S. 349
10.   Other word classes and clitics S. 383
11.   Types of possession S. 459
12.   Syntax S. 477
13.   Texts S. 511
References S. 543