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Band 46:
Khemlani David, Maya (Hrsg.): Methodological and Analytical Issues in Language Maintenance and Language Shift Studies. X/201 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / Bruxelles / New York / Oxford / Wien: Lang, 2002.
ISBN: 3-631-38920-5

The phenomenon of language maintenance and shift (LMLS) discusses how one particular language pervades the domain of another and eventually replaces that particular language. This book examines a number of methodological and analytical issues in LMLS studies. The writers discuss analytical constructs and review theoretical issues in LMLS citing studies from Borneo, Britain, Brunei, Malaysia, Mexico, and Singapore. A range of variables affecting LMLS in these sites are reviewed. The writers offer a substantial amount of systematically collected empirical data from a number of geographically diverse sites. The studies of LMLS analysed and reported here are invaluable not only to sociolinguists but also to scholars of related fields such as anthropology and communication.


Preface S. VII
Language Maintenance and Shift: A Review of Theoretical and Regional Issues with Special Reference to Borneo S. 1
Analytical Constructs and Methodological Issues
The Construct of Generation: Analytical Implications for LMLS Studies S. 19
Investigating Language Maintenance and Shift among Non-Indigenous Minorities: Age-Grading and/or Age-Cohort Analysis? S. 33
Manifestations of Language Shift
The Inadequacy of the Concept of Competence S. 51
Communicative Strategies in Sindhi Homes in Malaysia S. 59
Insider/Outsider Approaches to the Study of LMLS in the Context of Borneo S. 71
Code Switches: a Measurement for Language Shift? a Case Study of a Malaysian Chinese Family S. 81
Variables affecting Language Shift
Competing Forces in Language Maintenance and Language Shift: Markets, Hierarchies and Networks in Singapore S. 100
Effects of Socio-economic Status and Social Networks on Linguistic Behaviour: Focus on Singapore S. 112
Exogamous Marriages and Out-migration: Language Shift of Catholic Malayalees in Malaysia S. 125
Language Choice and Language Variety in Characters' Utterances in the Novels of Lloyd Fernando and K.S. Maniam S. 135
One Language, One Race, One Nation? The Changing Language Ecology of Brunei Darussalam S. 156
Notes on Contributors S. 173
Subject Index S. 175