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Deppermann, Arnulf (Hrsg.): International Journal of Applied Linguistics 28(2). Special Issue on Instructions in Driving Lessions. 146 S. - New York: Wiley-Blackwell, 2018.


Special Issue Articles
Deppermann, Arnulf:
  Editorial: Instructions in driving lessons IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 221
Björklund, Daniel:
  Drilling the mirror routine: From non-situated looking to mobile practice in driver training S. 226
Broth, Mathias / Cromdal, Jakob / Levin, Lena:
  Showing where you're going
Instructing the accountable use of the indicator in live traffic
S. 248
Deppermann, Arnulf:
  Instruction practices in German driving lessons: Differential uses of declaratives and imperatives. Verlag
S. 265
De Stefani, Elwys:
  Formulating direction: Navigational instructions in driving lessons S. 283
Mondada, Lorenza:
  Driving instruction at high speed on a race circuit: Issues in action formation and sequence organization S. 304
Rauniomaa, Mirka / Lehtonen, Esko / Summala, Heikki:
  Noticings with instructional implications in post-licence driver training S. 326
Book Reviews
Liu, Xiqin / Chen, Xiaowei:
  Technology Implementation in Second Language Teaching and Translation Studies: New Tools, New Approaches S. 347
Kałdonek-Crnjaković, Agnieszka:
  Teaching and researching language learning strategies: self-regulation in context S. 350
Curry, Mary Jane:
  Doing research in applied linguistics: Realities, dilemmas and solutions S. 353
Gurzynski-Weiss, Laura:
  AILA Matters S. 357