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Deppermann, Arnulf / Günthner, Susanne (Hrsg.): Temporality in Interaction. 342 S. - Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2015.
ISBN: 978-90-272-2637-2
(Studies in Language and Social Interaction 27)

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E-Book (PDF). Amsterdam: Benjamins. ISBN: 978-90-272-6899-0

Time is a constitutive element of everyday interaction: all verbal interaction is produced and interpreted in time. However, it is only recently that research in linguistics has started to take the temporality of linguistic production and reception in interaction into account by studying the real-time and on-line dimension of spoken language.

This volume is the first systematic collection of studies exploring temporality in interaction and its theoretical foundations. It brings together researchers focusing on how temporality impinges on the production and interpretation of linguistic structures in interaction and how linguistic resources are designed to deal with the exigencies and potentials of temporality in interaction. The volume provides new insights into the temporal design of a range of heretofore unexplored linguistic phenomena from various languages as well as into the temporal aspects of linguistic structures in embodied interaction.


Deppermann, Arnulf / Günthner, Susanne:
  Introduction: Temporality in interaction IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 1
Mechanisms of temporality in interaction
Auer, Peter:
  The temporality of language in interaction: projection and latency S. 27
Deppermann, Arnulf:
  Retrospection and Understanding in Interaction IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 57
Ford, Cecilia E. / Fox, Barbara A.:
  Ephemeral Grammar: At the far end of emergence S. 95
Temporally-structured constructions – a temporal perspective on syntactic constructions
Hopper, Paul J.:
  Temporality and the Emergence of a Construction: A Discourse Approach to Sluicing S. 123
Imo, Wolfgang:
  Temporality and syntactic structure: utterance-final intensifiers in spoken German S. 147
Pekarek Doehler, Simona:
  Grammar, projection and turn-organization: il y a NP ‘there is NP’ as project construction in French talk-in-interaction S. 173
Maschler, Yael:
  Word Order in Time: Emergent Hebrew (NS)V/VNS Syntax S. 201
Günthner, Susanne:
  A temporally oriented perspective on connectors in interactions: und zwar (‘namely/in fact’)-constructions in everyday German” conversations S. 237
Temporal organization of multimodal interaction
Mondada, Lorenza:
  Multimodal completions S. 267
Keevallik, Leelo:
  Coordinating the temporalities of talk and dance S. 309
Appendix: Transcription conventions S. 337
Index S. 341