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Mehler, Alexander / Kühnberger, Kai-Uwe / Lobin, Henning / Lüngen, Harald / Storrer, Angelika / Witt, Andreas (Hrsg.): Modeling, Learning, and Processing of Text-Technological Data Structures. 399 S. - Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.
ISBN: 978-3-642-22613-7
(Studies in Computational Intelligence 370)

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer. ISBN: 978-3-642-22613-7

Researchers in many disciplines have been concerned with modeling textual data in order to account for texts as the primary information unit of written communication. The book “Modelling, Learning and Processing of Text-Technological Data Structures” deals with this challenging information unit. It focuses on theoretical foundations of representing natural language texts as well as on concrete operations of automatic text processing. Following this integrated approach, the present volume includes contributions to a wide range of topics in the context of processing of textual data. This relates to the learning of ontologies from natural language texts, the annotation and automatic parsing of texts as well as the detection and tracking of topics in texts and hypertexts. In this way, the book brings together a wide range of approaches to procedural aspects of text technology as an emerging scientific discipline.


Mehler, Alexander / Kühnberger, Kai-Uwe / Lobin, Henning / Lüngen, Harald / Storrer, Angelika / Witt, Andreas:
  Introduction: Modeling, Learning and Processing of Text-Technological Data Structures IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 1
Part I: Text Parsing: Data Structures, Architecture and Evaluation
Stede, Manfred / Bieler, Heike:
  The MOTS Workbench S. 15
Lobin, Henning / Lüngen, Harald / Hilbert, Mirco / Bärenfänger, Maja:
  Processing Text-Technological Resources in Discourse Parsing IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 35
Part II: Measuring Semantic Distance: Methods, Resources, and Applications
Hirst, Graeme / Mohammad, Saif:
  Semantic Distance Measures with Distributional Profiles of Coarse-Grained Concepts S. 61
Nikolova, Sonya / Boyd-Graber, Jordan / Fellbaum, Christiane:
  Collecting Semantic Similarity Ratings to Connect Concepts in Assistive Communication Tools S. 81
Part III: From Textual Data to Ontologies, from Ontologies to Textual Data
Oltramari, Alessandro:
  An Introduction to Hybrid Semantics: The Role of Cognition in Semantic Resources S. 97
Kracht, Marcus:
  Modal Logic Foundations of Markup Structures in Annotation Systems S. 111
Wandmacher, Tonio / Ovchinnikova, Ekaterina / Mönnich, Uwe / Michaelis, Jens / Kühnberger, Kai-Uwe:
  Adaptation of Ontological Knowledge from Structured Textual Data S. 129
Part IV: Multidimensional Representations: Solutions for Complex Markup
Sperberg-McQueen, C. M. / Huitfeldt, Claus:
  Ten Problems in the Interpretation of XML Documents S. 157
Poesio, Massimo / Diewald, Nils / Stührenberg, Maik / Chamberlain, Jon / Jettka, Daniel / Goecke, Daniela / Kruschwitz, Udo:
  Markup Infrastructure for the Anaphoric Bank: Supporting Web Collaboration S. 175
Witt, Andreas / Stührenberg, Maik / Goecke, Daniela / Metzing, Dieter:
  Integrated Linguistic Annotation Models and Their Application in the Domain of Antecedent Detection IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 197
Part V: Document Structure Learning
Paaß, Gerhard / Konya, Iuliu:
  Machine Learning for Document Structure Recognition S. 221
Maes, Francis / Denoyer, Ludovic / Gallinari, Patrick:
  Corpus-Based Structure Mapping of XML Document Corpora: A Reinforcement Learning Based Model S. 249
Geibel, Peter / Mehler, Alexander / Kühnberger, Kai-Uwe:
  Learning Methods for Graph Models of Document Structure S. 267
Mehler, Alexander / Waltinger, Ulli:
  Integrating Content and Structure Learning: A Model of Hypertext Zoning and Sounding S. 299
Part VI: Interfacing Textual Data, Ontological Resources and Document Parsing
Heyer, Gerhard:
  Learning Semantic Relations from Text S. 333
Lüngen, Harald / Beißwenger, Michael / Selzam, Bianca / Storrer, Angelika:
  Modelling and Processing Wordnets in OWL IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 347
Cramer, Irene / Wandmacher, Tonio / Waltinger, Ulli:
  Exploring Resources for Lexical Chaining: A Comparison of Automated Semantic Relatedness Measures and Human Judgments S. 377
Author Index S. 397