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Murmann, Maximilian: Inchoative Emotion Verbs in Finnish. Argument Structures and Collexemes. 223 S. - Tübingen: Narr, 2019.
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The volume investigates the syntagmatic relations of certain Finnish emotion verbs that are formed by the derivational suffix -ua/-yä (e.g. suuttua ‘get angry’, pelästyä ‘get frightened’). Prototypically, the suffix expresses reflexivity, but in the case of the “inchoative” emotion verbs, it indicates a change of state on behalf of the experiencer, from a non-emotional state to an emotional state. The starting point of the investigation is a discussion of different psychological theories of emotion. The discussion shows that constructivist theories particularly emphasize the role of language and offer several links to the cognitive, usage-based model of language that constitutes the theoretical framework guiding the thesis. With regard to the usage-based model, special focus will be put on argument structures and stimulus nouns. The empirical part makes use of different forms of co-occurrence analysis in order to shed light the syntagmatic relations of the inchoative emotion verbs



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Abstract S. 5
Acknowledgements S. 6
1.   Introduction S. 11
2.   Emotion and language S. 15
3.   Theoretical prerequisites S. 41
4.   (Quantitative) Corpus Linguistics S. 61
5.   Argument Realization Patterns S. 91
6.   Covarying Collexemes S. 119
7.   Conclusion S. 193
References S. 199
List of Tables S. 219
List of Figures S. 221
Abbreviations S. 223