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Gippert, Jost / Gehrke, Ralf (Hrsg.): Historical Corpora. Challenges and Perspectives. 380 S. - Tübingen: Narr, 2015.
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E-Book (PDF). Tübingen: Narr. ISBN: 978-3-8233-7922-5, Preis: 78,40 €

The volume contains 23 papers read at the international conference “Historical Corpora 2012”, which was hosted by the LOEWE Research Cluster “Digital Humanities” of the State of Hesse at the University of Frankfurt on December 6-8, 2012. All in all, the conference comprised 27 individual papers plus five keynote speeches, three of which have been integrated in the present volume, too.

The contributions, which have been duly updated, take a broad variety of perspectives on “historical corpora”, including their structuring, their management, and various facets of the increase of knowledge they can provide. In addition to this, the papers cover a large amount of different languages, German – in nearly all its historical facettes – being the most widely addressed; however, the range of vernaculars treated extends far beyond that, across the Romance languages into the Caucasus and from the recent past down into antiquity. Differences also concern the linguistic interests prevailing in the papers, which may focus on syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, lexicological or other phenomena.


Preface S. 9
Durrell, Martin:
  ‘Representativeness’, ‘Bad Data’, and legitmate expectations
What can an electronic historical corpus tell us that we didn't actually know already (and how)?
S. 13
Donhauser, Karin:
  Das Referenzkorpus Altdeutsch
Das Konzept, die Realisierung und die neuen Möglichkeiten
S. 35
Moulin, Claudine / Gurevych, Iryna / Filatkina, Natalia / Eckart de Castilho, Richard:
  Analyzing formulaic patterns in historical corpora S. 51
Mittmann, Roland:
  Automated quality control for the morphological annotation of the Old High German text corpus
Checking the manually adapted data using standardized inflectional forms.
S. 65
Blaine Price, Timothy:
  Multi-faceted alignment
Toward automatic detection of textual similarity in Gospel-derived texts
S. 77
Detmold, Gaye / Weiß, Helmut:
  Historical corpora and word formation
How to annotate a corpus to facilitate automatic analyses of noun-noun compounds
S. 91
Speyer, Augustin:
  Object order and the Thematic Hierarchy in older German S. 101
Coniglio, Marco / Schlachter, Eva:
  The properties of the Middle High German “Nachfeld”
Syntax, information structure, and linkage in discourse
S. 125
Dipper, Stefanie / Krasselt, Julia / Schultz-Balluff, Simone:
  Creating synopses of ‘parallel’ historical manuscripts and early prints
Alignment guidelines, evaluation, and applications
S. 137
Petrova, Svetlana / Zeldes, Amir:
  How exceptional is CP recursion in Germanic OV languages?
Corpus-based evidence from Middle Low German
S. 151
Geyken, Alexander / Gloning, Thomas:
  A living text archive of 15th-19th-century German. Corpus strategies, technology, organization S. 165
Thomas, Christian / Wiegand, Frank:
  Making great work even better
Appraisal and digital curation of widely dispersed electronic textual resources (c. 15th-19th centuries) in CLARIN-D
S. 181
Jurish, Bryan / Ast, Henriette:
  Using an alignment-based lexicon for canonicalization of historical text S. 197
Hoenen, Armin / Mader, Franziska:
  A new LMF schema application
An Austrian lexicon applied to the historical corpus of the writer Hugo von Hofmannsthal
S. 209
Efer, Thomas / Blecher, Jens / Heyer, Gerhard:
  Leipziger Rektoratsreden 1871-1933
Insights into six decades of scientific practice
S. 229
Degaetano-Ortlieb, Stefania / Lapshinova-Koltunski, Ekaterina / Teich, Elke / Kermes, Hannah:
  Register contact: an exploration of recent linguistic trends in the scientific domain S. 241
Rinke, Esther / Petrova, Svetlana:
  The expression of thetic judgments in Older Germanic and Romance S. 255
Ingham, Richard:
  Spoken and written register differentiation in pragmatic and semantic functions in two Anglo-Norman corpora S. 269
Banza, Ana Paula / Rodrigues, Irene / Saias, José / Gonçalves, Filomena:
  A historical linguistics corpus of Portuguese (16th-19th centuries) S. 281
Resende, Natália:
  Testing the validity of translation universals for Brazilian Portuguese by employing comparable corpora and NLP techniques S. 291
Gippert, Jost / Tandashvili, Manana:
  Structuring a diachronic corpus
The Georgian National Corpus project
S. 305
Beridze, Marina / Lortkipanidze, Liana / Nadaraia, David:
  The Georgian dialect corpus: problems and prospects S. 323
Schneider, Claudia:
  Integrating annotated ancient texts into databases
Technical remarks on an corpus of Indo-European languages tagged for information structure
S. 335
Abrami, Guiseppe / Freiberg, Michael / Warner, Paul:
  Managing and annotating historical multimodal corpora with the eHumanities desktop
An outline of the current state of the LOEWE project “Illustrations of Goethe's Faust”
S. 353
Raaf, Manuel:
  A web-based application for editing manuscripts S. 365
Heyer, Gerhard / Boehlke, Volker:
  Text mining in the Humanities – A plea for research infrastructures S. 373