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Inhaltsverzeichnis Heft 39.1

Blümel, Andreas / Liu, Mingya:
  Revisiting obligatory relatives in German Text
S. 1
Fricke, Lea:
  A southern German use of prefield-es: Evidence from the corpus and an experimental study Text
S. 41
Luef, Eva Maria:
  Development of voice onset time in an ongoing phonetic differentiation in Austrian German plosives: Reversing a near-merger Text
S. 79
Beyer, Rahel:
  Hélène Vinckel-Roisin: La répétition immédiate du nom propre en allemand: enjeux textuels et argumentatifs Text
S. 103

Inhaltsverzeichnis Heft 39.2

Juzek, Tom S. / Häussler, Jana:
  Data convergence in syntactic theory and the role of sentence pairs Text
S. 109
Maienborn, Claudia:
  Wider die Klammerparadoxie: Kombinatorische Illusionen beim Adjektivbezug auf NN-Komposita Text
S. 149
Sanfelici, Emanuela / Féry, Caroline / Schulz, Petra:
  What verb-final and V2 have in common: evidence from the prosody of German restrictive relative clauses in adults and children Text
S. 201
Bossuyt, Tom:
  Karsten Schmidtke-Bode, Natalia Levshina, Susanne Maria Michaelis, Ilja A. Seržant (Eds.). Explanation in Typology. Diachronic Sources, Functional Motivations and the Nature of the Evidence Text
S. 231

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