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Nereo, Filippo: The Dynamics of Language Obsolescence in a Divided Speech Community. The Case of the German Wischau / Vyškov Enclave (Czech Republic). 145 S. - Wiesbaden/Stuttgart: Steiner, 2016.
ISBN: 978-3-515-10102-8

Using the Wischau/Vyškov speech enclave (Czech Republic) as a case study, this book considers the impact of the highly controversial population transfers of ethnic Germans at the end of World War II. Particular attention is paid to processes of identification amongst community members, the post-war sociolinguistic context, and aspects of the language variety itself, which has remained structurally intact. Importantly, the study reveals the stories and experiences of forced migration and integration from the perspective of both stayers, who until 1989/90 lived under communism, and expellees, who started new lives in the capitalist Federal Republic of Germany. Methodologically, the study is based on data elicited chiefly from participant observations of, and unstructured interviews with the last remaining witnesses of the 1945/46 population transfers. As such, this is the first and probably last detailed study of this small, rural German enclave community. From a theoretical perspective, it draws heavily on Sasse’s (1992) framework on language death.


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List of figures and pictures S. 9
Acknowledgements S. 11
Transcription conventions S. 13
1.   Introduction to the study S. 15
2.   Methodology S. 25
3.   The Historical Context S. 33
4.   Constructing Residual Markers of Identity from Below S. 40
5.   The Changing Status and Usage of Language Varieties S. 91
6.   The Language Variety in Contact S. 111
7.   A Synopsis of Wischau in its Moribund State S. 126
8.   Appendix: Transcription for Hobitschau / Hlubočany S. 128
9.   Bibliography S. 132