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Band 121:
Braun, Angelika (Hrsg.): Phonetics and its Applications. Festschrift for Jens-Peter Köster on the occasion of his 60th birthday. 531 S. - Stuttgart: Steiner, 2002.
ISBN: 3-515-08094-5

This Festschrift comprises 44 contributions by 63 researchers form 22 different countries. The papers cover a wide range of issues in phonetics and signal processing. Just about every major research topic which is currently being studied is also addressed in this volume: speaker characterization and identification, speech recognition, speech synthesis, prosody, voice quality, the phonetics of disordered speech, child speech, the history of phonetics, the relation between phonetics and phonology, to name only a few. This makes it a kind of compendium of modern phonetics which should be of interest to the student seeking an overview on e.g. speech recognition and likewise to the reearcher seeking specialized information on e.g. speaker identification.


Preface S. 7
Studies on general phonetic issues
Schiller, Niels O.:
  From phonetics to cognitive psychology: Psycholinguistics has it all S. 13
Bakalla, Muhammad H.:
  Early Arab and Muslim contribution to the analysis of the nasal sounds S. 25
Esling, John H. / Edmondson, Jerold A.:
  The laryngeal sphincter as an articulator: Tenseness, tongue root and phonation in Yi and Bai S. 38
Dohalská-Zichová, Marie:
  Comment les noms nous trahissent
Les noms propres – obstacles de communication
S. 52
Lhote, Elisabeth:
  La parole et la voix, deux faces de l'oralité S. 61
Lindner, Gerhart:
  Die zweite Ebene: Artikulatorische Differenzierung S. 69
Gósy, Mária:
  Long-term within-speaker and between-speaker differences on phonetic output: Evidence from Hungarian S. 75
Huntley Bahr, Ruth / Frisch, Stefan A.:
  The problem of codeswitching in voice identification S. 86
Moosmüller, Sylvia:
  Der Stellenwert der phonologischen und phonetischen Variation in der Sprechererkennung S. 97
Glitza, Florian / Masthoff, Herbert R.:
  Auswirkungen der Positionierung des Telefonhörers zum Zwecke der Stimmverstellung und ihr Einfluss auf die auditive Sprechererkennung S. 110
Hazan, Valerie / Markham, Duncan:
  The perception of speaker characteristics in adults and children S. 118
Helfrich, Hede:
  Categorical perception of speech and nonspeech acoustic stimuli S. 127
Horga, Damir:
  The influence of bite-blocks on continuous speech production S. 143
Hollien, Harray:
  Signature whistle discrimination by tursiops truncatus S. 153
Potapowa, Rodmonga K.:
  Beiträge zum Problem der kontrastiven Phonetik S. 165
García Lecumberri, M. Luisa / Cenoz, Jasone:
  Phonetic context variation versus vowel perception in a foreign language S. 178
Rossi, Mario:
  Les lapsus et la syllabe: Acte I S. 189
Weiss, Rudolf:
  The singer's formant: Where are we now? S. 201
Schoentgen, Jean:
  Acoustic features of phonatory patterns S. 211
Studies on disordered speech
Neppert, Joachim M. H.:
  Die Bedeutung der Phonetik für die Pädagogik im Bereich von Hör- und Sprachbehinderung S. 221
Rosenhouse, Judith:
  On the acquisition of phonology/phonetics in hebrew as a mother tongue by hearing and hearing-impaired children S. 235
Bauman-Wängler, Jacqueline:
  Segmental timing of phonologically disordered Children: A developmental perspective S. 251
Abou Haidar, Laura:
  Structuration temporelle et trisomie 21: Étude de cas S. 262
Gubrynowicz, Ryszard:
  Speech of orally educated deaf subjects
A study of pitch contour variations at child age and 20 years later
S. 271
Studies on prosody
Laver, John:
  Nonverbal communication and tone of voice S. 280
Jassem, Wiktor:
  Classification and organization of data in intonation research S. 289
Braun, Angelika / Wagner, Anita:
  Is voice quality language-dependent? S. 298
di Cristo, Albert / Hirst, Daniel:
  De l'acoustique à la phonologie, représentations et notations de l'intonation: Une application au français S. 313
Ramasse, Denis:
  L'intonation des phrases présentant un détachement à gauche en français S. 323
Dubĕda, Tomáš:
  Structural and quantitative properties of stress units in Czech and French S. 338
Llisterri, Joaquim / Machuca, María Jesús / de la Mota, Carme / Riera, Montserrat / Ríos, Antonio:
  The role of F0 peaks in the identification of lexical stress in Spanish S. 350
Contossopoulos, Nicolas G.:
  Deux cas d'intonation “anormale” en grec moderne S. 362
Paboudjian, Chantal:
  An investigation into the pitch correlates of perceived class differences between African-American speakers in news report interviews S. 369
Tatham, Mark / Morton, Katherine:
  Computational modelling of speech production: English rhythm S. 383
Studies on signal processing and speech synthesis
Fellbaum, Klaus / Ketzmerick, Bettina:
  Zum Stand der Entwicklung bei der elektronischen Sprachverarbeitung S. 406
Hoffmann, Rüdiger / Eichner, Matthias / Wolff, Matthias:
  Inverse Probleme in der Sprachsignalverarbeitung S. 420
Haton, Jaen-Paul:
  Automatic speech recognition: A statistical approach S. 435
Lobanov, Boris M. / Karnevskaya, Helena B.:
  TTS-synthesizer as a computer means for personal voice “cloning” S. 445
Petrovska-Delacrétaz, Dijana / Chollet, Gérard:
  Searching through a speech memory for efficient coding, recognition and synthesis S. 453
Keller, Eric / Bianchi, Olivier:
  Virtual historic reconstruction with speech synthesis S. 465
Studies on individual languages
Coşkun, Volkan:
  Vokalsysteme des Türkei- und Usbekistan-Türkischen S. 485
Hirschfeld, Ursula / Wallraff, Uta:
  Untersuchungen zum Schwa im Deutschen S. 493
Krech, Eva-Maria:
  Neukodifizierung der deutschen Standardaussprache
Zur Orthoepieforschung an der Universität Halle
S. 506
Pétursson, Magnús:
  Vera as perfective auxiliary in icelandic S. 516
Adresses of Contributors S. 526


  • Pétursson, Magnús (2005): Rezension von: Angelika Braun / Herbert R. Masthoff (eds.): Phonetics and its applications. Festschrift for Jens-Peter Köster on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday (Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik. Beihefte. 121). In: Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik 72.2. Stuttgart: Steiner. S. 192-195.