Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik - Beihefte

Band 106:
Braun, Angelika (Hrsg.): Advances in Phonetics. Proceedings of the International Phonetic Sciences Conference (IPS), Bellingham, WA, June 27-30, 1998. 144 S. - Stuttgart: Steiner, 1999.
ISBN: 3-515-07655-7


Foreword S. V
Whiteside, Sandra P. / Hodgson, Carolyn:
  Development of Motor Speech: Some Evidence from Coarticulation S. 1
Whiteside, Sandra P. / Varley, Rosemary A.:
  Dual-Route Phonetic Encoding: Evidence from Normal Speech S. 6
Varley, Rosemary A. / Whiteside, Sandra P.:
  Dual-Route Phonetic Encoding: Evidence from Apraxia of Speech S. 11
Schiller, Niels O.:
  Masked Priming of Sublexical Units: Segments vs. Syllables S. 17
Esling, John / Clayards, Jocelyn A. W.:
  Laryngoscopic Analysis of Pharyngeal Articulations and Larynx-Height Voice Quality Settings S. 22
Krasovitsky, Alexander:
  Prosodic Parameters of Russian Vocalic Systems with Vowel Discordance S. 34
Hollien, Harry / Liljegren, Kristin / Martin, Camilo A. / DeJong, Gea:
  Prediction of Intoxication Levels by Speech Analysis S. 40
Dixit, R. Prakash:
  Tongue-Palate Contact Patterns during Retroflex Consonants /d/ /r/, and /n/ of Hindi S. 51
Hollien, Harry / Nielson, Kenneth:
  Problems Created when Vowels Are Sung at Very High Pitches S. 58
Garrison-Tull, Renetta:
  Returning to Formant Frequency Analysis: A Step toward Unterstanding Performance Problems of Cold-Speech in Automatic Speaker Recognition Systems S. 69
Werner, Stefan / Vainio, Martti:
  Standardized Comparison of Intonation Models S. 82
Horga, Damir:
  The Long-Term Average Spectrum as a measure of Voice Quality in L1 and L2 Speakers S. 91
Rosenhouse, Judith:
  Phonetic and Other Factors Affecting the Pronunciation of Foreign Proper Names in Speakers of American English S. 98
Sarma, Sada Siva / Agrawal, S. S.:
  Development of Hindi Speech Data Bases for Research in Speech Recognition and Synthesis S. 104
Stewart, Darryl / Ming, J. / Smith, F. J.:
  Automatic Syllabification with Application to Continuous Speech Recognition S. 109
Chollet, Gérard / Constantinescu, Andrei / Cernocky, Jan:
  Automatic Language Independent Speech Processing (ALISP): Some Tools for Acoustic-Phonetic Research S. 114
Genoud, Dominique / Chollet, Gérard:
  Voice Transformations. Some Tools for the Imposture of Speaker Verification Systems S. 122
Petrovska-Delacretaz, Dijana / Cernocky, Jan / Hennebert, Jean / Chollet, Gérard:
  Text-Independent Speaker Verification Using Automatically Labelled Acoustic Segments S. 129
Majewski, Wojciech:
  Evaluation of Structural-Phonetic Similarity of Words S. 137


  • Gilles, Peter (2002): Rezension von: Angelika Braun (Hg.): Advances in Phonetics. Proceedings of the International Phonetic Sciences Conference (IPS). Bellingham, WA, June 27-30, 1998 (Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik. Beihfte. N. F. Nr. 106). In: Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik 69.2. Stuttgart: Steiner. S. 250-252.