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Band 34:
Thiele, Wolfgang / Schwend, Joachim / Todenhagen, Christian (Hrsg.): Political Discourse: Different Media – Different Intentions – New Reflections. 300 S. - Tübingen: Stauffenburg, 2005.
ISBN: 3-86057-782-4

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[Buch] IDS-Bibliothek: Sig. MG 4713

The contributions to this volume illustrate various approaches to political discourse and reflect different theoretical and methodo-logical orientations. They mainly focus on linguistic phenomena, but also include other considerations (e.g. translatological, historical, semiotic, cultural and didactic aspects). The reference language of the analyses and interpretations of the monologic and dialogic texts is predominantly English.


Preface S. 7
Vorwort S. 9
Baumgarten, Stefan / Gagnon, Chantal:
  Written Political Discourse in Translation
A Critical Discourse-Perspective on Mein Kampf
S. 11
Bergien, Angelika:
  "I'm no Politician, I'm Just a Citizen" – Linguistic Patterns of Dissent in Contemporary Political Discourse S. 33
Böhnke, Dietmar:
  The End of Britain? – New Labour, Devolution and the Debate on the British Constitution S. 47
Brock, Alexander:
  Negotiating Political Opinion in a Phone-in Programme S. 63
Graustein, Gottfried:
  Swift's Answer to The Craftsman – A Political Satire S. 81
Grundy, Peter / Jiang, Yan:
  Linguistic Action Verbs and Logical Prompting in Political Discourse S. 97
Gutknecht, Christoph:
  "Die Lehre vom Konjunktiv ist auf rassischer Grundlage aufzubauen!" – Bemerkungen zur Sprache in deutschen anglistischen Beitragen der NS-Zeit S. 125
Mueller, Magda:
  The 'Principle of Hope': A Dilution in Political and Cultural Discourse, or The Disappearance of Ernst Bloch S. 137
Neubert, Albrecht:
  Politics and Language: The Case of Translation S. 149
Pappert, Steffen:
  The Reproduction of Political Language Games in Spoken Media Discourse: An Analysis of Interviews from GDR Broadcasts S. 175
Paul, Eckhard:
  Fachdidaktischen Implikationen 'politischen' Diskurses – Konzepte im Wandel S. 189
Schäffner, Christina:
  'It's Just a Metaphor …' – From Visions to Reality in Political Discourse on the European Union S. 213
Stöckl, Hartmut:
  'The People behind the Voices' – Portraits of Politicians
A Media Genre under Scrutiny
S. 231
Thiele, Wolfgang / Thiele, Astrid:
  Online Versions of Newspapers before the Iraq War in 2003 – A Linguistic Reflection S. 253
Todenhagen, Christian:
  Managing Discourse with the Mastersignifier S. 269
Weise, Günter:
  Argumentation in Political Discourse – Readers' Letters Concerning the Middle East Crisis S. 283
The Contributors and Editors S. 299