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Giglioni, Cinzia: Linguistic and Rhetorical Perspectives on Congressional Hearings. 150 S. - Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2020.
ISBN: 978-3-7329-0646-8

Congressional hearings are often the most requested government documents in US libraries. However, among the genres that have been traditionally of interest to political discourse analysts – e.g. political speeches, political interviews, policy documents – hearings have not been of much scrutiny on the part of discourse scholars, an attitude somehow contrasting with the lay public’s interest. Cinzia Giglioni takes the opportunity to gain a unique view into the actors, the interested parties, the issues, from a linguistic and rhetorical perspective. Her intent is to provide an in-depth analysis of witnesses’ opening statements, which are probably the most salient parts in a congressional hearing. The investigation begins with, but is not constricted by, theoretical aspects, which are integrated with empirical observations and suggestions for critical reading.


Acknowledgements S. 9
1.   Introduction S. 11
2.   Defining the object of investigation: Congressional hearings as a genre of political discourse S. 21
3.   Apologetic discourse in congressional hearings S. 29
4.   Moves structure and self-representation in witnesses’ opening statement S. 45
5.   Different types of congressional hearing: rhetorical organisation and authors’ stance S. 65
6.   The mediatisation of political discourse: the case of congressional hearings S. 89
Short concluding remarks S. 115
References S. 117
Appendix I: List of congressional hearings and news articles S. 129
Appendix II: Materials S. 133