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Wotschke, Ingrid: How Educated English Speak English. Pronunciation as Social Behaviour. 282 S. - Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2014.
ISBN: 978-3-7329-0062-6

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How do educated English speak English? Does it sound like Oxford or rather like Cockney? Why did traditional pronunciation habits and criteria of acceptability change radically during the 20th century, when even the BBC world service got a new sound? How to cope with the impacts of this change; what is the actual ‘standard’? Speech accent is not only a regional, but also a social marker. Ingrid Wotschke discusses educated pronunciation in its changing social contexts, supported by numerous speech samples and illustrations. Besides, she presents the alternative model of current Educated English English. This book is written for scholars and students of English and for anyone else interested in English language and culture.


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Foreword by J. D. A. Widdowson, PhD S. 11
Preface S. 15
Preface to the Second Edition S. 17
Acknowledgments S. 19
Introduction S. 21
1.   The Relevance of Speech Accent in England S. 23
2.   Prestigious Speech Versus Regional Dialect S. 63
3.   Reactions to the Traditional Language Hierarchy S. 123
4.   Broadcast English as mirror and indicator S. 173
Conclusion S. 222
Notes S. 225
References S. 231
Illustrations S. 249