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Viaggio, Sergio: A General Theory of interlingual Mediation. 407 S. - Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2006.
ISBN: 978-3-86596-063-4

The author has more than 30 years experience in literary and pragmatic translation and in conference interpreting. His book is the most ambitious attempt at unifying every aspect of translational and other connected activities under one overarching general theory. A most specific theory, at that, that conceptualises and explains what translators and interpreters actually do in real life and, at the same time, offers objective quality criteria. The book has many practical examples, from public announcements and owner's manuals for videocameras to poems by Pushkin and Shakespeare.


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Preface S. 7
Part One. The theory and models. the precursors
Introduction S. 15
To translate is, indeed, to speak in order to re-say what has been said in another language - but this is not enough S. 34
I.   Speech, communication, translation and mediation S. 37
II.   The specificity of interlangual mediation S. 117
III.   Quality: the crucial issue descriptive studies cannot begin to approach S. 147
Part Two. The model applied
IV.   Oral mediation S. 167
V.   Written mediation S. 209
VI.   The pudding of the proof: literary mediation S. 263
References S. 395