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Band 72:
Hanneforth, Thomas / Fanelow, Gisbert (Hrsg.): Language and logos. Studies in theoretical and computational linguistics. Festschrift for Peter Staudacher on his 70th birthday. 437 S. - Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2010.
ISBN: 978-3-05-004931-1

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-05-006236-5

This volume contributes to a linguistic program characterized by the view that explanatory goals in syntax and semantics can be met only in models that are sufficiently formalized. The properties of these formalizations must be well understood, and they have to do justice to both the syntactic and semantic aspects of a construction. The contributions shed light on this view from the perspectives of theoretical linguistics (semantics, syntax), automata theory, and computational and mathematical linguistics.


"Ich muss keinen mehr beeindrucken" S. 9
I. Syntax
Błaszczak, Joanna:
  A Spurious Genitive Puzzle in Polish S. 17
Fanselow, Gisbert:
  Semantic Type Effects on Crossing Movement in German S. 48
Felix, Sascha W.:
  Me and Chomsky S. 64
Grewendorf, Günther:
  On the Typology of Verb Second S. 72
Müller, Gereon:
  Movement from Verb-Second Clauses Revisited S. 97
Pankau, Andreas / Thiersch, Craig / Würzner, Kay-Michael:
  Spurious Ambiguities and the Parentheticals Debate S. 129
II. Semantics
Ebert, Christian / Ebert, Cornelia:
  On Squeamishness of the Royal Kind S. 149
Féry, Caroline:
  Information Structure of schon S. 160
Hinterwimmer, Stefan:
  When-Clauses, Factive Verbs and Correlates S. 176
Jäger, Gerhard:
  The Proof Theory of Partial Variables S. 190
Kracht, Marcus:
  Brentano's Apple S. 202
Krifka, Manfred:
  How to Interpret "Expletive" Negation under bevor in German S. 214
Sternefeld, Wolfgang:
  Wide Scope in situ S. 237
Zimmermann, Thomas Ede:
  What it Takes to be Missing S. 255
III. Automata Theory
Didakowski, Jörg:
  Robust Parsing as a Constraint Optimization Problem within a Finite-state Approach S. 269
Hanneforth, Thomas / de la Higuera, Colin:
  ε-Removal by Loop Reduction for Finite-state Automata S. 297
Jurish, Bryan:
  Efficient Online k-Best Lookup in Weighted Finite-State Cascades S. 313
Quernheim, Daniel:
  Tomita's Algorithm Revisited S. 328
IV. Mathematical Linguistics
Gärtner, Hans-Martin / Michaelis, Jens:
  On the Treatment of Multiple-Wh-Interrogatives in MGs S. 339
Mönnich, Uwe:
  Some Remarks on Mildly Context-Sensitive Copying S. 367
V. Computational Linguistics
Ćavar, Damir:
  On Statistical Metrics for Selection and Phrasality S. 393
Wartena, Christian:
  Testing the Distributional Hypothesis for Collaborative Tagging Systems S. 407
VI. Classical Studies
Brekle, Herbert E.:
  Herstellungstechniken von Inschriften auf römischen Wasserleitungsrohren aus Blei S. 419