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Brandt, Patrick / Fuß, Eric (Hrsg.): Form, structure and grammar. A Festschrift Presented to Günther Grewendorf on Occasion of His 60th Birthday. XXVII/405 S. - Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2006.
ISBN: 3-05-004224-9

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-05-008555-5

Over the last thirty years, Günther Grewendorf has contributed extensively and creatively to the study of natural language within the generative paradigm. This volume honors him with a collection of papers contributed by colleagues and friends, many of them leading figures in the field as well. The articles provide an up to date view on topics ranging from key questions of theoretical syntax to pragmatic and philosophical issues, reflecting concerns that have figured prominently in Grewendorf's work and thinking. These include the relation between word order and the structuring of information, pro-drop phenomena, verbal syntax, the syntax-morphology interface, clausal typing and the encoding of mood as well as questions of language acquisition and evolution, semantic interpretation and the relation of language and the law. Exploring fundamental issues in the study of language in a clear and accessible way, this collection provides a state of the art overview of current research in formal linguistics. It should be of interest, therefore, not only to experts working in the respective fields, but also to readers interested in the generative enterprise more generally.


Contributors S. XI
Introduction S. XIII
Summaries of the individual contributions S. XIX
Part I: Form
Abraham, Werner:
  Distinct Diathesis and the Mechanics of Underspecification S. 3
Bierwisch, Manfred:
  German Reflexives as Proper and Improper Arguments S. 15
Felix, Sascha W.:
  The Acquisition of Japanese Word Structure S. 37
Hohle, Tilman N.:
  Observing Non-Finite Verbs: Some 3V Phenomena in German-Dutch S. 55
Krifka, Manfred:
  A Note on the Pronoun System and the Predicate Marker in Tok Pisin S. 79
Müller, Gereon:
  Pro-Drop and Impoverishment S. 93
Part II: Structure
Bayer, Josef:
  A Note on Targets of A'-Movement in the Left Periphery of German Sentences S. 119
Belletti, Adriana:
  Extending Doubling to Non-Local Domains: Complete vs. Partial Copying + Deletion and Related Reconstruction Issues S. 129
Fanselow, Gisbert:
  On Pure Syntax (Uncontaminated by Information Structure) S. 137
Frey, Werner:
  How to Get an Object-es into the German Prefield S. 159
Hartmann, Katharina / Zimmermann, Malte:
  Information Structure and the Left Periphery in Dghwecfe S. 187
Poletto, Cecilia:
  Old Italian Scrambling: The Low Left Periphery of the Clause S. 209
Rizzi, Luigi:
  Selective Residual V-2 in Italian Interrogatives S. 229
Sabel, Joachim:
  Impossible Infinitival Interrogatives and Relatives S. 243
Saito, Mamoru:
  Expletive Replacement Reconsidered: Evidence from Expletive Verbs in Japanese S. 255
Zeller, Jochen:
  Agreement and the EPP in Kinyarwanda Applicatives S. 275
Part III: Grammar
Dietrich, Rainer:
  Modularity and the Tic-Toe of Language S. 299
Gärtner, Hans-Martin / Steinbach, Markus:
  A Skeptical Note on the Syntax of Speech Acts and Point of View S. 313
Meggle, Georg:
  The First Traces of Language. On Darwin's Package Hypothesis S. 323
Rathert, Monika:
  Comprehensibility in Forensic Linguistics – New Perspectives for Frame Semantics S. 337
Roeper, Tom:
  Not Only I: Notes on the Syntax of Focus Binding S. 353
Zaefferer, Dietmar:
  Conceptualizing Sentence Mood – Two Decades Later S. 367
Zimmermann, Thomas Ede:
  The Values of Semantics S. 383
List of Publications S. 399
List of Supervised Dissertations S. 407