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Band 52:
Féry, Caroline / Sternefeld, Wolfgang (Hrsg.): Audiatur Vox Sapientiae. A Festschrift for Arnim von Stechow. 540 S. - Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2001.
ISBN: 3-05-003672-9

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[Buch] IDS-Bibliothek: Sig. E 564


Introduction S. 10
Bayer, Josef:
  Asymmetry in Emphatic Topicalization S. 15
Beck, Sigrid / Snyder, William:
  The Resultative Parameter and Restitutive Again S. 48
Büring, Daniel:
  What Do Definites Do That Indefinites Definitely Don't? S. 70
Fabricius-Hansen, Cathrine:
  "Wi(e)der" and "Again(st)" S. 101
Fanselow, Gisbert:
  When Formal Features Need Company S. 131
Féry, Caroline:
  Focus and Phrasing in French S. 153
Hamann, Cornelia / Lindner, Katrin / Penner, Zvi:
  Tense, Reference Time, and Language Impairment in German Children S. 182
Heim, Irene:
  Degree Operators and Scope S. 214
Katz, Graham:
  (A)temporal Complements S. 240
Kiss, Katalin É.:
  Focussed Number Phrases S. 259
Klein, Wolfgang:
  Time and Again S. 267
Krifka, Manfred:
  For a Structured Meaning Account of Questions and Answers S. 287
Kupffer, Manfred:
  Learning French from a Dictionary: An Essay on Utterance-Dependent Meaning S. 320
Meier, Cécile:
  Multihead Comparatives and Result Clause Constructions with “Split Antecedents” S. 348
Musan, Renate:
  Narrowing Down the Extended Now S. 372
Rapp, Irene:
  The Attributive Past Participle: Structure and Temporal Interpretation S. 392
Rathert, Monika:
  Anteriority versus Extended-Now: Theories of the German Perfect S. 410
Sæbø, Kjell Johan:
  Necessary Conditions in a Natural Language S. 427
Stekeler-Weithofer, Pirmin:
  The Way of Truth: Parmenides' Seminal Reflection on Logic, Semantics and Methodology of Science S. 450
Sternefeld, Wolfgang:
  Partial Movement Constructions, Pied Piping, and Higher Order Choice Functions S. 473
Wunderlich, Dieter:
  Prelexical Syntax andthe Voice Hypothesis S. 487
Zimmermann, Thomas Ede:
  Unspecificity and Intensionality S. 514
List of Publications S. 534
List of Supervised Dissertations S. 541