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Kleinhenz, Ursula (Hrsg.): Interfaces in phonology. XI/330 S. - Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 1996.
ISBN: 3-05-002964-1

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As is known, Phonology interacts with other components in the grammar, namely Syntax, Morphology, and Phonetics. The present volume contains 16 papers presented at a conference in Berlin on Interfaces in Phonology in 1995. The papers apply current developments in phonological theory to all three interfaces.


Introduction S. IX
The Phonology-Syntax Interface
Nespor, Marina / Guasti, Theresa / Christophe, Anne:
  Selecting Word Order: The Rhythmic Activation Principle S. 1
Bao, Zhiming:
  Local Tree Geometry and the Phonology-Syntax Interface S. 27
Hannahs, S.J.:
  Phonological Structure and Soft Mutation in Welsh S. 46
Billings, Loren:
  Sandhi Phenomena and Language Change S. 60
Monachesi, Paola:
  On the Representation of Italian Clitics S. 83
Peperkamp, Sharon:
  On the Prosodic Representation of Clitics S. 102
The Phonology-Morphology Interface
Inkelas, Sharon:
  Dominant Affixes and the Phonology-Morphology Interface S. 128
Kager, Rene:
  On Affix Allomorphy and Syllable Counting S. 155
Golston, Chris:
  Prosodic Constraints on Roots, Sterns, and Words S. 172
Raffelsiefen, Renate:
  Gaps in Word Formation IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 194
Roca, Iggy:
  The Phonology-Morphology Interface in Spanish Plural Formation: an Optimality Analysis S. 210
Bat-El, Outi:
  Phonologically-Based Word Formation: Modern Hebrew Blends S. 231
Orgun, Cemil Orhan:
  Suspended Affixation: A New Look at the Phonology-Morphology Interface S. 251
The Phonology-Phonetics Interface
Keating, Patricia A.:
  The Phonology-Phonetics Interface S. 262
Dyck, Carrie:
  The Interface between Underspecified Phonological Representations and Specified Phonetic Representations S. 279
Jessen, Michael:
  The Relevance of Phonetic Reality for Underlying Phonological Representation: the Case of Tense versus Lax Obstruents in German S. 294
Contributors S. 329