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Band 133:
Hartmann, Reinhard R. K.: Interlingual Lexicography. Selected Essays on Translation Equivalence, Constrative Linguistics and the Bilingual Dictionary. XI/248 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2007.
ISBN: 978-3-484-39133-8

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-097239-9

Selection of 24 essays by the dictionary researcher Reinhard Hartmann on "Interlingual Lexicography", a genre much neglected in the literature, including interdisciplinary approaches to translation equivalence, its analysis in contrastive text linguistics and its treatment in the bilingual dictionary, with particular attention to the user perspective, in English and German.


List of Figures S. VI
List of Reprinted Essays (in chronological order) S. VII
List of Abbreviations S. X
Introduction S. 1
Part I: Translation Equivalence
Chapter 1: Linguistics and Translation S. 11
Chapter 2: Contrastive Text Analysis and the Search for Equivalence in the Bilingual Dictionary S. 15
Chapter 3: Equivalence in Bilingual Lexicography: From Correspondence Relation to Communicative Strategy S. 24
Chapter 4: The Not So Harmless Drudgery of Finding Translation Equivalents S. 30
Chapter 5: Contrastive Textology, Bilingual Lexicography and Translation S. 38
Chapter 6: Dictionaries for Translators S. 46
Part II: Contrastive Linguistics
Chapter 7: Contrastive Lexicology S. 53
Chapter 8: Contrastive Textology in Descriptive and Applied Linguistics S. 67
Chapter 9: Contrastive Textology, Applied Linguistics and Translation S. 76
Chapter 10: Contrastive Linguistics and Bilingual Lexicography S. 83
Chapter 11: Contrastive Linguistics: (How) Is It Relevant to Bilingual Lexicography? S. 89
Chapter 12: From Contrastive Textology to Parallel Text Corpora: Theory and Applications S. 95
Part III: Interlingual Dictionaries
Chapter 13: Das zweisprachige Wörterbuch im Fremdsprachenerwerb (The Bilingual Dictionary in Foreign-Language Learning) S. 104
Chapter 14: Contrastive Textology and Bilingual Lexicography S. 113
Chapter 15: Lexicography, Translation and the So-called Language Barrier S. 121
Chapter 16: The Dictionary as an Aid to Foreign-Language Teaching S. 129
Chapter 17: Bilingualised Versions of Learners' Dictionaries S. 141
Chapter 18: Dictionaries across Cultures: Monolingual or Interlingual? S. 151
Part IV: Dictionary Research
Chapter 19: The Bilingual Learner's Dictionary and Its Uses S. 156
Chapter 20: Bilingual Dictionary Reference Skills: Some Research Priorities S. 165
Chapter 21: 300 Years of English-German Language Contact and Contrast: The Translation of Culture-specific Information in the General Bilingual Dictionary S. 172
Chapter 22: Recent Trends in Pedagogical Lexicography: The Case of the 'Bilingualised' Learner's Dictionary S. 185
Chapter 23: Case Study: The Exeter University Survey of Dictionary Use S. 189
Chapter 24: Interlingual References: On the Mutual Relations between Lexicography and Translation S. 208
Consolidated Bibliography S. 218
Index S. 240