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Band 119:
Sin-wai, Chan (Hrsg.): Translation and Bilingual Dictionaries. 190 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2004.
ISBN: 3-484-39119-7

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-091286-9

Is the bilingual dictionary really the translator's best friend? Or ist it the case that all translators hate all dictionaries? The truth probably lies half-way. It is difficult to verify anyway, as the literature on the subject(s) is limited, not helped by the fact that lexicography and translation have stood apart for decades despite ther commonality of purpose. Here is a volume, based on the proceedings of a successful conference at Hong Kong, that may at last provide some answers.


Sin-wai, Chan:
  Dictionaries and Translators S. 1
Part I: Translation and Bilingual Dictionaries
Hartmann, Reinhard R. K.:
  Lexicography and Translation S. 7
Tarp, Sven:
  How Can Dictionaries Assist Translators? S. 23
Benson, Phil:
  The Monolingual Dictionary: A Special Case of Bilingualism? S. 39
Guanghua, Wu:
  Chinese-English Lexicography and Chinese-English Translation S. 49
Moe, Ronald:
  Producing Dictionaries Using Semantic Domains S. 55
de Castro, Imelda P.:
  The Different Possible Lexical Elaborations of Computer Terminologies: Towards the Creation of a Bilingual Dictionary S. 63
McGrath, Ian / Lai, Wience:
  "Learning" and Lexicography S. 71
Yihua, Zhang:
  An Empirical Study of Electronic Dictionaries and Translation Software S. 89
Part II: Bilingual Dictionaries and Cross-cultural Communication
Naiqiang, Yao:
  Bilingualization: Equivalence and Intercultural Communication S. 109
Kam-mei, Jacqueline Lam / McArthur, Tom:
  Could There Be a Dictionary Tailor-made for Hong Kong: Both Biliterate and Trilingual S. 119
Sayas, Magdalena C.:
  Translating Across Cultures in a Multilingual Dictionary S. 129
Lan, Li / Bilbow, Grahame T.:
  Cultural Similarities and Dissimilarities of Business Metaphors and Their Translation S. 141
Jianping, Wu:
  Equivalence of Interlinguistic Symbols and Speech Translation: Differences and Requirements S. 151
Kun Chun Wong, Eric / Wan, Rosa:
  Towards "A Greek-Chinese Lexicon of the Greek New Testament" – A Cross-cultural Endeavour? S. 157
Tseng, Hugo T.Y.:
  Rendering Chinese Culture-specific Vocabulary into English – Predicaments and Prospects S. 169
Yanchun, Zhao / Jianhua, Huang:
  The Paradox of Cultural Translation: How to Treat Cultural Information in Bilingual Dictionaries S. 177
Notes on Contributors S. 187