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Hinzelin, Marc-Olivier / Pomino, Natascha / Remberger, Eva-Maria (Hrsg.): Formal Approaches to Romance Morphosyntax. V/279 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2020.
ISBN: 978-3-11-071880-5

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[Buch] IDS-Bibliothek: Sig. NA 1213
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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-071915-4

Recent years have witnessed a (re)surfacing of interest on the interaction of morphology and syntax. For many grammatical phenomena, it is not easy to draw a dividing line between syntactic and morphological structure. This has led to the assumption that syntax is the module responsible not only for deriving syntactically complex phrases but also for deriving morphologically complex items, both in inflection and word formation. There are however also good reasons to think that syntax is not involved in all morphological processes and that there are consistent areas of morphology that are independent from syntactic processes. This book presents a collection of papers where phenomena from Romance languages and varieties are analysed under contrasting views on how morphology and syntax interact. All the contributions follow the aim to investigate what the analysed phenomena tell us about their structural make‐up and the grammatical processes involved.


Hinzelin, Marc-Olivier / Pomino, Natascha / Remberger, Eva-Maria:
  Romance Morphosyntax: Interpreting data from a theoretical perspective S. 1
Part 1: Agreement
Georgi, Doreen / Stark, Elisabeth:
  Past participle agreement in French – one or two rules? S. 19
Westveer, Thom / Sleeman, Petra / Aboh, Enoch O.:
  Competing genders: French partitive constructions between grammatical and semantic gender S. 49
Part 2: Clitics and Null Subjects
Fábregas, Antonio / Cabré, Teresa:
  Towards a syntactic account of ungrammatical clitic sequences and their repairs S. 91
Zimmermann, Michael:
  Investigating the setting of the null-subject parameter in Early Classical French S. 117
Part 3: Functional Categories and the Verb
Cruschina, Silvio / Calabrese, Andrea:
  Fifty shades of morphosyntactic microvariation S. 145
Kallulli, Dalina:
  Issues in the morpho-syntax and semantics of Voice in Romance and beyond S. 199
Schirakowski, Barbara:
  What constrains the formation of Spanish nominalized infinitives? S. 225
Baunaz, Lena / Puskás, Genoveva:
  Complementizer functional sequence: the contribution of Italo-Romance S. 251