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Botma, Bert / Noske, Roland (Hrsg.): Phonological Explorations. Empirical, Theoretical and Conceptual Issues. X/355 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2012.
ISBN: 978-3-11-029516-0

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-029517-7

The 16 papers contained in this volume address a variety of phonological topics from different theoretical perspectives. Combined, they provide an excellent showcase for the diversity of the field. Topics considered include the place of allomorphy in grammar; Dutch clippings; the status of recursion in phonology; the role of contrast preservation in the Grimm-Verner push chain; the phonological specification of Dutch ‘tense’ and ‘lax’ monophthongs; the distribution of English vowels in a Strict CV framework; a dependency-based analysis of Germanic vowel shifts; a Radical CV Phonology approach to vowel harmony; emergentist vs. universalist perspectives on frequency effects in vowel harmony; the representation of Limburgian tonal accents; durational enhancement in Maastricht Limburguish high vowels; constraint conjunction in Mandarin Chinese; lexical tone association in Harmonic Serialism; a constraint-based account of the McGurk effect; a case study of the acquisition of liquids in early L1 Dutch; and the learnability of segmentation in Tibetan numerals.


Notes on contributors S. VII
Introduction S. 1
Booij, Geert:
  Allomorphy and the architecture of grammar S. 9
Hamans, Camiel:
  From prof to provo: some observations on Dutch clippings S. 25
Vogel, Irene:
  Recursion in phonology? S. 41
Noske, Roland:
  The Grimm-Verner push chain and Contrast Preservation Theory S. 63
Grijzenhout, Janet:
  Segmental structure and vowel shifts S. 87
Polgárdi, Krisztina:
  The distribution of vowels in English and trochaic proper government S. 111
Botma, Bert / von Oostendorp, Marc:
  A propos of the Dutch vowel system 21 years on, 22 years on S. 135
van der Hulst, Harry:
  A minimal framework for vowel harmony S. 155
Archangeli, Diana / Mielke, Jeff / Pulleyblank, Douglas:
  Greater than noise: frequency effects in Bantu height harmony S. 191
Hermans, Ben:
  The phonological representation of the Limburgian tonal accents S. 223
Gussenhoven, Carlos:
  Quantity or durational enhancement of tone: the case of Maastricht Limburgian high vowels S. 241
van de Wejer, Joroen M.:
  Using lcoal contraint conjunction to discover constraints: the case of Mandarin Chinese S. 255
McCarthy, John J. / Mullin, Kevin / Smith, Brian W.:
  Implications of Harmonic Serialism for lexical tone association S. 265
Boersma, Paul:
  A Constraint-Based explanation of the McGurk effect S. 299
Hinskens, Frans:
  Liquids in a case of unfolding early L1 Dutch: from null realizations through free variation through probalistically bound variation to lexical contrast S. 313
Apoussidou, Diana:
  The Tibetan numerals segmentation problem and how virtual learners solve it S. 333