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Alexiadou, Artemis / Kiss, Tibor / Müller, Gereon (Hrsg.): Local Modelling of Non-Local Dependencies in Syntax. VI/526 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2012.
ISBN: 978-3-11-029471-2

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-029477-4

Syntactic dependencies are often non-local: They can involve two positions in a syntactic structure whose correspondence cannot be captured by invoking concepts like minimal clause or predicate/argument structure. Relevant phenomena include long-distance movement, long-distance reflexivization, long-distance agreement, control, non-local deletion, long-distance case assignment, consecutio temporum, extended scope of negation, and semantic binding of pronouns. A recurring strategy pursued in many contemporary syntactic theories is to model cases of non-local dependencies in a strictly local way, by successively passing on the relevant information in small domains of syntactic structures.

The present volume brings together eighteen articles that investigate non-local dependencies in movement, agreement, binding, scope, and deletion constructions from different theoretical backgrounds (among them versions of the Minimalist Program, HPSG, and Categorial Grammar), and based on evidence from a variety of typologically distinct languages. This way, advantages and disadvantages of local treatments of non-local dependencies become evident. Furthermore, it turns out that local analyses of non-local phenomena developed in different syntactic theories (spanning the derivational/declarative divide) often may not only share identical research questions but also rely on identical research strategies.


Alexiadou, Artemis / Kiss, Tibor / Müller, Gereon:
  Local Modelling of Non-Local Dependencies in Syntax: An Introduction S. 1
Heck, Fabian / Cuartero, Juan:
  Long Distance Agreement in Relative Clauses S. 49
Alexiadou, Artemis / Anagnostopoulou, Elena / Iordăchioaia, Gianina / Marchis, Mihaela:
  In Support of Long Distance Agree S. 85
Biskup, Petr:
  Agree, Move, Selection, and Set-Merge S. 111
Richards, Marc:
  Probing the Past: On Reconciling Long-Distance Agreement with the PIC S. 135
Kiss, Tibor:
  Reflexivity and Dependency S. 155
Sabel, Joachim:
  Derivational Binding and the Elimination of Uninterpretable Features S. 187
Hole, Daniel:
  German Free Datives and Knight Move Binding S. 213
Klein, Udo:
  Restricted Syntax – Unrestricted Semantics? S. 247
Schäfer, Florian:
  Local Case, Cyclic Agree and the Syntax of Truly Ergative Verbs S. 273
Georgi, Doreen:
  A Local Derivation of Global Case Splits S. 305
Gärtner, Hans-Martin:
  Function Composition and the Linear Local Modeling of Extended NEG-Scope S. 337
Yoshida, Masaya / Gallego, Ángel J.:
  Ellipsis and Phases: Evidence from Antecedent Contained Sluicing S. 353
Nishida, Chiyo:
  Restructuring and Clitic Climbing in Romance: A Categorial Grammar Analysis S. 371
Unger, Christina:
  A Derivational View on Movement Constraints S. 401
Abels, Klaus / Bentzen, Kristine:
  Are Movement Paths Punctuated or Uniform? S. 431
Worth, Chris:
  A Hypothetical Proof Account of Chamorro Wh-Agreement S. 453
Kobele, Gregory M.:
  Deriving Reconstruction Asymmetries S. 477
Kallulli, Dalina:
  Local Modelling of Allegedly Local but Really Non-Local Phenomena: Lack of Superiority Effects Revisited S. 501
Index S. 525