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Bhatt, Parth / Plag, Ingo (Hrsg.): The Structure of Creole Words. Segmental, Syllabic and Morphological Aspects. XIV/241 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2006.
ISBN: 978-3-484-30505-2

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[Buch] IDS-Bibliothek: Sig. NA 853
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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-089168-3

This volume brings together articles that are focused on segmental, syllabic and morphological aspects of creole words, thus contributing to the ongoing debates about the nature of phonology and morphology and their role in emergence and development of these languages. The papers cover a wide range of creole languages with different lexifier languages and address empirical, typological, historical and theoretical issues, drawing our attention to hitherto unknown phenomena or offering interesting new analyses of established facts.

With contributions from: Parth Bhatt, Alain Kihm, Thomas Klein, Emmanuel Nikiema, Ingo Plag, Marina Pucciarelli, Jean-Louis Rougé, Eric Russel-Webb, Shobha Satyanath, Emmanuel Schang, Mareile Schramm, Norval Smith, Marleen van de Vate and Tonjes Veenstra.


Preface S. VII
Dedication S. VIII
Introduction S. IX
Section 1: Segmental aspects
Klein, Thomas:
  Creole phonolgy typology: Phoneme inventory size, vowel quality distinctions and stop consonant series S. 3
Rougé, Jean-Louis / Schang, Emmanuel:
  The origin of the liquid consonant in Saotomense Creole S. 23
Russell-Webb, Eric:
  Toward a phonology of obstruent voicing in Negerhollands S. 39
Smith, Norval / van de Vate, Marleen:
  Population movements, colonial control and vowel systems S. 59
Section 2: Syllabic aspects
Bhatt, Parth / Nikiema, Emmanuel:
  Empty Positions in Haitian Creole Syllable Structure S. 85
Kihm, Alain:
  The phonological origin of language: Creol languages as a testing ground S. 107
Plag, Ingo / Schramm, Mareile:
  Early Creole syllable structure: A cross-linguistic survey of the earliest attested varieties of Saramaccan, Sranan, St. Kitts and Jamaican S. 131
Section 3: Morphological aspects
Pucciarelli, Marina:
  Logophoricity in Nigerian Pidgin English: An empirical study of variable third person singular subject marking S. 153
Satyanath, Shobha:
  English in the New World: Continuity and change, the case of personal pronouns in Guyanese English S. 179
Veenstra, Tonjes:
  Head ordering in synthetic compounding: Acquisition processes and Creole genesis S. 201
Arends, Jacques / Verhagen, Josje / van Lier, Eva / Dikker, Suzanne / Cardoso, Hugo:
  On the presence versus absence of morphological marking in four Romance-based Creoles S. 223