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Band 455:
Kamp, Hans / Reyle, Uwe (Hrsg.): How we say WHEN it happens. Contributions to the theory of temporal reference in natural language. VIII/280 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2002.
ISBN: 3-484-30455-3

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-092353-7

The plurality we see in the study of language today is bewildering. This collection makes a contribution to the task of mutual comparison and integration of the methodologically and perspectively varying approaches which are often being pursued without much awareness of what is being done next door. This volume brings together a number of papers which all deal with the temporal dimension of natural languages. Each of these papers has its own story to tell. But at the same time their juxtaposition reveals besides an obvious thematic unity also many similarities in method and perspective.


Preface S. VII
Dogil, Grzegorz:
  Intonation of Aspectual Meaning: Remarks on noch in German S. 1
Frank, Anette / Zaenen, Annie:
  Tense in LFG: Syntax and Morphology S. 17
Haider, Hubert:
  Adverbials at the Syntax-Semantics Interface S. 53
Baumgärtner, Klaus:
  halten und die Einheit des verbalen Aspekts S. 71
Eberle, Kurt:
  Tense and Aspect Information in a FUDR-based German French Machine S. 97
Blumenthal, Peter:
  Zur Konstruktion französischer Wahrnehmungsverben: Aspekt und Abstraktheit S. 149
Reyle, Uwe:
  A Note on Enumerations and thm Semantics of puis and alors S. 171
Kamp, Hans / Schiehlen, Michael:
  Temporal Location in Natural Languages S. 181
Gabbay, Dov M.:
  Temporal Logic and Quantifier Translations S. 233
List of Contributors S. 280