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Band 420:
Janßen, Hero (Hrsg.): Verbal Projections. XIII/257 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2000.
ISBN: 3-484-30420-0

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-092992-8

This collection of articles examines lexical and grammatical aspects of verbal elements and phrases in the context of recent generative research. General questions concern definitions of grammatical categories, classifications of auxiliaries and particles as functional categories, and problems of economy. Lexical matters range from affixation and category change (participles, gerunds) to semantic representations of specific verb classes (possessive, phrasal and intransitive verbs). The syntactic analyses focus on positional arrangements of aspectual and verbal units (V2, Verb Raising). The data are mainly drawn from English; perspectives on other Germanic languages are included.


Introduction S. VII
I. Verbal Categories in Syntax and Lexicon
Rauh, Gisa:
  Don't Call it "X" or: Why X does not Represent Grammatical Categories S. 1
Farke, Hildegard:
  Functional Affixes and Downward Percolation S. 23
Krivokapic, Jelena:
  The -ing-Affixes: towards a Classification S. 45
Bode, Stefanie:
  One Be: One Syntactic Function S. 65
II. Verb Classes, Lexical Representations, and Syntactic Reflexes
Wanner, Anja:
  Intransitive Verbs as Case Assigners S. 85
Dehé, Nicole:
  English Particle Verbs: Particles as Functional Categories S. 105
Tuschinsky, Joachim:
  The Lexical-Conceptual Structure of English Verbs of Possession S. 123
Kaiser, Alexander:
  Subject-there as an Adverb S. 141
III. Verb Positions and Movement
Felser, Claudia:
  Aspectual Complement Clauses and the (Un-)Availability of Verb Raising S. 163
Tappe, Hans Thilo:
  Verb Second, Alternatives, and Economy S. 195
Janßen, Hero:
  Types of VP-Preposing S. 223
List of Contributors S. 257