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Kulikov, Leonid / Vater, Heinz (Hrsg.): Typology of Verbal Categories. Papers presented to Vladimir Nedjalkov on the occasion of his 70th birthday. VI/310 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1998.
ISBN: 3-484-30382-4

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The typological studies of this volume are oriented towards the areas of interests of the Russian typologist Vladimir P. Nedjalkov, to whom the volume is dedicated. They deal with the typology of verbal categories. The book is divided into three parts: 1. "Ergativity and transitivity", 2. "Voice, causative and valency", 3. "Tense and mood". In all three parts of the volume instances of grammaticalization are pointed out and investigated. The studies concern various languages, e.g. English, French, German, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, Tariana (a North Arawak language from North West Amazonia), Dumi (a Tibeto-Burman language), and Lak (a Daghestanian language).


Kulikov, Leonid / Vater, Heinz:
  Introduction S. 1
I. Ergativity and Transitivity
Desclés, Jean-Pierre / Guentchéva, Zlatka:
  Causualité, Causativité, Transitivité S. 7
Testelec, Yakov G.:
  On Two Parameters of Transitivity S. 29
Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y.:
  Transitivity Increasing Operations in Tariana S. 47
de Groot, Casper:
  How to Butter a Sandwich
On 'spread' in Dutch and Hungarian from a Typological Perspective
S. 61
Drossard, Werner:
  Labile Konstruktionen S. 73
Byron, Theodora:
  Inverse Direction and Second Person in Dumi S. 85
Kazenin, Konstantin:
  On Patient Demotion in Lak S. 95
II. Voice, Causative, and Valency
Shibatani, Masayoshi:
  Voice Parameters S. 117
Kulikov, Leonid I.:
  Passive, Anticausative and Classification of Verbs: the Case of Vedic S. 139
Werner, Heinrich:
  Zur Typologie der Passivkonstruktionen in den Jenissej-Sprachen S. 155
Moreno Cabrera, Juan C.:
  Allocutivity and Voice in the Basque Verb S. 169
Oglobin, Alexander K.:
  From Inert to Actional Causative S. 179
Knjazev, Jurij P.:
  Towards a Typology of Grammatical Polysemy: Reflexive Markers as Markers of Reciprocity S. 185
van de Kerke, Simon:
  Verb Formation in Leko: Causatives, Reflexives and Reciprocals S. 195
III. Tense and Mood
Panevová, Jarmila / Sgall, Petr:
  Verbal Categories, Meaning and Typology S. 205
Klein, Wolfgang / Vater, Heinz:
  The Perfect in English and German S. 215
Lazard, Gilbert:
  L'expression de l'irréel: essai de typologie S. 237
Kordi, Elena:
  Sur le paradigme complet de l'impératif français S. 249
IV. Verbal Categories and Language Universals
Bisang, Walter:
  Verb Serialization and Attractor Positions: Constructions and Their Potential Impact on Language Change and Language Contact S. 255
van der Auwera, Johan:
  Defining Converbs S. 273
Comrie, Bernard:
  Translatability and Universals Revisited S. 283
Lötzsch, Ronald:
  Die Verneinung als funktional-semantische Kategorie (unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Streckformen des Deutschen und Russischen) S. 287
List of Contributors S. 309